Difficulty watching YouTube on your Samsung Galaxy? in this way, you can solve it

Difficulty watching YouTube on your Samsung Galaxy in this way

2020 introduced us to the best Indonesian smartphone families from the Korean giant, the new Samsung Galaxy S20, still, sometimes there can be some bugs, and one of the most common, stops on well-known content services without any demand. is the reason. OK, your Samsung smartphone has youtube problem

There are already users who complain about popular video platforms, as they generally fail or even work very slowly on phones of that brand. But calm down, because it’s not a hardware error and possibly YouTube problem on Samsung Galaxy is due to incompatibility in phone settings.Third-party apps are corrupt or have incorrect updates.

So You Can Solve YouTube Problem With Your Samsung Galaxy

if you want to fix Your Samsung Galaxy FailsThe first thing to check is that the Star YouTube application has been updated to the latest available version. If everything is correct, you will have several possible solutions. The first is to force the application to close. youtube. To get started, open your phone’s multitasking or slide the YouTube thumbnail to turn it off. If for some reason the app gets blocked, you can go to Settings > Apps > Youtube and click on the option to force close it.

If you are still facing the same issue, there may be something reconfigured on your mobile device, and the app will pull it whenever you activate it. At this moment, it is time to clear all the cache and data stored in Youtube on your Samsung Galaxy. Another solution, generally the most effective, is to do a Forcefully reset the smartphone. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy SIM family, you can turn the volume up by pressing and holding the Power button for 10 seconds, until the Android logo appears. Release the button to allow the terminal to reboot.

on some occasions, that YouTube app may stop working Correctly because there is a problem with your Google account. And if the video platform is part of the Google ecosystem, then its use is directly related. If you still don’t see any problems, please delete your account and log in again.

The last and most radical solution, but also one that has not failed, is to leave the smartphone at the factory when it leaves. Obviously, you will delete your photos, files and everything else yourself. Therefore, you should prepare a backup before starting the recovery. I hope that with these tips you can Fix YouTube problem with your Samsung cell phone.

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