Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Discovery of a new molecule that kills incurable cancer cells

Although there are many types of cancer, some of them are still out of treatment. Now, scientists at the University of Texas at Dallas have discovered a brand new molecule that can treat a wide range of cancers that are by no means a cure.

According to a report published in Nature Cancer, the new molecule rapidly destroys a number of highly incurable cancerous tumors, including triple-negative breast cancer. However, this research has been done on human cancer cells and mice with cancer kept in the laboratory.

Dr. Jong Mo Ahan and his colleagues from the Department of Biochemistry have designed and tested a variety of molecules. This technology is called ‘Structure Based Rational Drug Design’. Dr. Jong has previously developed molecules that destroy breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Named ERX41, this molecule has been shown to be particularly effective against Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), a type of breast cancer. This compound leaves healthy cells and cleanses cancer cells regardless of their type. That is why it is also the enemy of triple negative breast cancer.

Experimentally, human cancer was introduced in mice and rats, whose cancerous abscesses were found to be smaller thanks to ERX41, and no adverse effects were reported.

Further experiments with the ERX41 will be conducted in the next phase.



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