Thursday, August 18, 2022

Discovery of a rare transparent fish

Scientists have discovered a rare transparent fish in the oceans of the US state of Alaska that can be seen across the body.

This transparent fish is known as the Blooded Snailfish and its scientific name is Crystallithi cyclospiles.

The appearance of this fish is very strange. The transparent body, which has a reddish tinge, helps the fish hide in deep and dark seas where sunlight barely reaches them. I was hoping to see one of them.

Friedman and his team spotted the fish during an annual survey of the Illinois Islands. However, it is not possible for the average person to see this particular fish.

“So far we’ve seen four or five. These fish are found about 100 to 200 meters below sea level,” said Sarah Friedman. So the average person will never be able to see these fish. His team also spotted a large orange spider known as Colossendize.

This spider can grow up to 20 inches and lives in the ocean at depths of 7,200 to 13,100 feet.

This fish eats jelly, seaweed, and animals without a spine.



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