Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Discovery of fish-eating insects revealed

A rare worm found off the coast of Mexico has been discovered in an imported fish box in the British county of Suffolk.

Simothova exigua, also known as the ‘tongue-eating worm’, arrived in the UK on sea fish.

This worm infects fish and rots the blood vessels in their tongues, causing them to rupture. These insects later attach themselves to fish and become the new language of fish. Experts believe that these insects are not harmful to humans if they are not alive. Live insects can be harmful to human bites.

The Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority, which monitors the quality of imported food, discovered the insects in fish boxes and sent them back to the country from which they came.

Authorities noticed a problem with fish imported for human consumption when the importer failed to complete the required paperwork.

“Investigations are ongoing to our satisfaction, we may take off the consignment for further inspection,” the agency said.



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