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Divxtotal is one of the most visited platforms where we can find stored torrents that you can download to watch series, movies, music, games or programs. DivxTotal will allow you to see all the content for free by downloading Torrents for which you would have to pay on other platforms.

For those who do not know, a Torrent is a small file that contains all the information about other content that we want to download. Once you download the torrent on your computer, you must use a program to extract it, such as uTorrent or BitTorrent.

About DivxTotal

Divxtotal was one of the main websites to download from Torrent, until it was gradually banned by the telephone companies. It is true that this website can still be used, but we are forced to use alternative methods for it, something that many people consider quite heavy and others do not even know how to do it.

BetterTorrent, GNULA, EliteTorrent, SeriesPepito, PopCorn Time … There are many alternatives to watch movies online.

However, as we well know, file-sharing websites and those dedicated to watching movies online are often highly persecuted because they compromise copyright, so the recommendation is not to use them, and opt for alternatives such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or similar that have a free trial month.

DivxTotal Features

Upon entering we can notice a very simple interface, but something striking, we can see that it has a navigation bar where we will have different options such as start, movies, HD movies, DVDR movies, series, programs, other and contact, in addition to a bar of search for you to find your favorite movie.

In its main section we will see the latest Torrent, latest releases, movies, series, programs and a category bar on the left.


How to download movies in DivxTotal?

To download a movie from DivxTotal we will need a Torrent client that allows us to open the files in order to download the movie. Once we have it, we will search for a movie in its search bar and it will return several results ordered in a descending order, as in DonTorrent, it is advisable to use the most current options.

Once the option is chosen, we will select it and a new window will open with all the technical information of the film such as the cover, genre, quality, format, date and language. At the bottom we will have different options which if they are in green color is that if that option is available.

Selecting the option will automatically download the torrent file of the movie, open it with the program that we have downloaded and the download of the movie will begin, ready for you to enjoy. A fairly straightforward process.

Movies in DivxTotal

In DivxTotal we can find torrents of movie premieres from all countries and of any genre (horror, drama, comedy …) such as:

  • Dr. Dolittle
  • Beyond death
  • The empire of the senses
  • The World According to Barney
  • Two Even Dumber Fools
  • Jungle: The Cruise
  • Tarzan 2
  • The Irish
  • ITEM
  • Love, Wedding, Random
  • The New Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood
  • My God, what have we done to you… now?

Series in DivxTotal

The series that we can find in DivxTotal are not the same that we will find in Netflix, HBO or any of their alternatives. Netflix and HBO series are exclusive content and most of them can be found only on the platform.

  • The house of flowers
  • In the name of the rose
  • Vis A Vis
  • Lies
  • How to defend a murderer

Divxtotal is another DonTorrent alternative, mainly a movie Torrents website , with HD, 3D, and DVDR versions, although it also lists series, programs, music and other various types of files Perhaps after having seen the previous sites, this site will not attract much attention since its interface seems somewhat complicated but it is not, it simply does not show the covers of the movies in its listings so it seems somewhat difficult to use.

DivxTotal – The largest download portal

Divxtotal is the first major torrent website to go to on the Internet, its content refers to what refers to downloading torrents in Spanish. Its large database allows it to offer the user to download movies in high quality, in HD and 4K quality.

Although its design is somewhat obsolete and old, it is still a torrent page where downloading movies is fun and fast. Divxtotal Movies offers you all available releases. Well distributed and cataloged so that the user does not get lost when downloading any genre of movies, among them we find the sections of horror, drama, action, and much more.

It also offers a search engine, so you don’t have to be browsing through the menus to find the movie you want. If you are clear about what movie or series you are looking for to download from Divxtotal, use its easy-to-use classic search engine.

At Divxtotal the work they do is fantastic, always thinking about the user and the easy accessibility to all their moviesseriesmusic and games in torrent format. You will find different qualities in their formats, both in HD quality and in DVDr.

UTorrent Movies in Full Divx

If something characterizes DivxTotal, it is the ease and speed it has when it comes to sharing all the torrents of movie premieres with its users. Any movie that is on the billboard can be downloaded in torrent format in DivxTotal.

Even google dvxtotal, or divixtotal, or divxttal, you will find this page to download torrents in a moment.

Series in Divxtotal

Many films in different qualities, but in total Divx you will find music, and of course, torrent series. With divxtotal series you will have all the seasons in full in your native language . Even if you want to select a single chapter of your favorite series, you can do so thanks to its simplistic and easy-to-navigate interface.

Tips for torrenting with less risk

  • Use an ad blocker: you can use a blocker for your browser to be more secure. Of course, having one of them will not be able to access the content of many websites and in some cases or watch movies online. However, it is a great way to protect your content.
  • Make use of browsers like Brave: Brave is a browser that has made its way in recent times, being for many, the fastest and safest, since it integrates an advanced blocker.
  • Make use of Opera VPN: Opera has a browser with an integrated VPN, this will ensure that when downloading torrents from the Internet you are more secure.
  • Use VPN on your entire computer: with a VPN on your PC you can fully protect your identity and privacy online, since you will prevent them from seeing your files, emails and others.
  • Install an antivirus: having an antivirus on your computer always provides added security for your environment, and also allows you to make the decision of what to do with an infected file.
  • Do not stay with a single opinion, look for more: yes, this is an important factor and it works like when you are going to make a purchase on Amazon, since you first look for opinions and then decide, the same you have to do when downloading a file to avoid inconvenience.

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