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How about friends, in this article I will tell you about DonTorrent, which is a page to download movies. Also, if you are not convinced by this site, I will show you some alternatives so that you can visit them.

What is DonTorrent?

Here you will find a site focused on offering a wide variety of movies, series, documentaries, music, games and much more, all in Torrent files. This incredible site has more than 120,000 Torrents and they have 3 extra domains in case any type of blockage arises, it is also classified as one of the best sites to download any type of content in Torrent files.

Among the movie genres that we can find in DonTorrent are, adventure, animated, biography, science fiction, comedy, crime, fantasy, suspense, horror, among others.

DonTorrent Features

Upon entering the site, we can see that it has a good interface and not very difficult to manipulate, we see that it has a navigation bar with a search engine and different options such as home, blog, help, contacts and releases.

We can see that the website has a side menu where we can access any of its various sections, whether movies, fb video, alternative miradetodo, friv, music, etc.

Moving to the main section of DonTorrent, we will find the latest movies, series and megadede alternatives added to the site, in addition to having a small search engine for cuevana alternatives on the right side, where we can search for genre, year, director, etc.

In the movies section, we will notice that it shows us all the movies, but ordered by the day it was published on the site in a descending order, at the top we see a search engine similar to the one found on the right side, in this way we can show all the films by their initial letter, title, genre, year, director or author.

How to download movies on Don Torrent?

Now that we know how the DonTorrent site is managed, some of its features, we will see how to download a movie from this excellent site. The first thing we will have to do is look for a program that allows us to open the Torrent in order to download the movie, personally I use uTorrent Web and it is very easy to use and it occupies the same browser to download the file.

Once we have the program that we will occupy, we will look for our favorite movie on the site, either in its search engine or choose one of its different sections. When selecting the film we will notice that it opens a new tab where it gives us all the information about the film that we will download such as the cover, the title, year, genre, director and actors.

To download the file from DonTorrent at the top we will see that it shows us the format of the movie, a brief description of it and the download button.

We press the download button and the download of the torrent file begins automatically. If we already have a client downloaded on the site, the Torrent icon will appear, depending on the program we have downloaded.

Once it is downloaded, we will proceed to open the file from the program, so that it begins to download the movie in the format that the page that you would have mentioned to us in order to see it with a player.

Once all the necessary files have been downloaded from DonTorrent, we will notice that it leaves us a folder with the name of the movie and some RAR files, which these files contain the movie, but in parts so to have it complete and in a single file We have to select all the RARs that we have and right click and extract here, in this way the movie will be extracted into a single file.

In this way we will have our movie ready to enjoy with friends or family.

Don torrent recommendations before downloading torrent files

Something that is recommended to do before downloading a torrent file is to have some type of antivirus installed on your computer that allows you to automatically detect and eliminate any type of malicious virus that wants to enter your machine, since on many occasions we can reach you to find viruses in DonTorrent or Mejortorrentt, disguised as applications, movies or games.

If you can, avoid searching for Torrents websites in Google, firstly because the best ones are usually censored and do not appear in the results, and secondly because downloading from Don Torrent has its risks, so why expose yourself to additional risks by downloading Torrents from websites of low quality? Always try to research a site either on the internet alternate to the site. Find out if there are people on YouTube who recommend the page, with friends, etc., so you won’t be afraid of downloading a torrent file.

Conclusions – DonTorrent

The use of these platforms is not recommended, since sometimes the resources include copyright violations, unless they are in the public domain. Users of DonTorrent and other platforms must take additional security measures, to avoid the almost certain infection of their devices when misusing the site, including the advertising it provides from providers external to the platform. Finally, remember not to download files that contain copyrights since you would be supporting piracy, always look for 100% legal or royalty-free files.

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