Friday, August 19, 2022

Economic stability is linked to political stability: Shahbaz Sharif

The Prime Minister said that the modern project of Haveli Bahadur Shah 2 and a half 1200 MW power generation was supposed to be completed 2 years ago but could not be implemented till date due to which the nation lost millions of rupees. There was electricity.

Shahbaz Sharif said that due to global crisis in the world fuel prices have gone up a lot, in our previous government cheap LNG agreements were made, it was criticized, but the previous PTI government LNG No purchase agreement.

He said that in the past, the spot price of LNG was 4 4 while under the long term agreement it was یا 4 or 5 5. At that time no one even thought of buying it and today when the world is in crisis. No country has offered to give us LNG.

Coalition government has some advantages but at the same time it faces some challenges. Consultation is an important process. Consultation on decisions is a democratic process. We will fulfill our responsibilities.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that we will bring economic stability in 14 months. Economic stability is linked with political stability. We have to make better decisions by eliminating differences, personal likes and dislikes.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that he will take the country out of economic difficulties and move on the path of stability. He is facing huge challenges. Is.

He says the coalition government represents all four provinces. Consultation is an important process, we will fulfill our responsibilities, we will have to make better decisions by eliminating differences, personal likes and dislikes. We will not complain to anyone, we have to work for the sustainable development of the country. If we do not go in the right direction. We will not even be mentioned in history. Working together will greatly reduce our distance.

He said that Muftah Ismail had told him that he would get ارب 2 billion from IMF. He told Muftah Ismail that our destination is self-reliance. Self-reliance is the guarantee of political and economic independence of the nation. There is no shortage of anything in Pakistan. There is no shortage of resources and skilled people in Pakistan. We want young people to reflect on economic challenges and express their views.

He says the whole world is in the throes of an economic crisis at the moment. Coal had already become expensive, there was a fire all over the world, coal and oil. We will bring coal, we will use it in C-pack. The previous government did not make cheap and long term agreements for gas. He said that the previous government had postponed development projects. He said that we have to work together for the next generation. We have to work in the field of agriculture. We will save ارب 2 billion in foreign exchange in a year. Super tax accepted, thank them. Red ribbon, permit rule, recommendation and NOC rule must be abolished.

He said that billions of rupees are buried in Rekodak. So far we have not earned a single rupee but billions of rupees have been wasted. We have wasted billions of rupees in lawsuits. The country’s plan of Rs 6 billion did not come with a touch, it worked hard.

He said that he went to Gwadar a few days ago, a hospital was to be built with a grant, he is crawling. The airport was to be built on the grant, its completion is not visible in the distance. The drains in Gwadar have become rusty. I sent my representative to Gwadar at my own expense. Would have



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