Economic Talks Between Pakistan And Imf Will Start From Today

Economic talks between Pakistan and IMF will start from today

The 7th Economic Review Talks between Pakistan and IMF will be held in Doha from today. A team from the Ministry of Finance is in Doha for talks with the IMF. The talks between Pakistan and the IMF will focus on providing loans.

It should be noted that the PTI government had set up a program to get a loan of six billion dollars from the IMF in which three billion dollars have been received by the country.

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However, the program has been stalled for several months due to the previous government’s failure to give clear assurances about the abolition of oil subsidies and further taxation of the salaried class.

The IMF has set some conditions for the resumption of the program, including the elimination of subsidies on diesel and petrol, the abolition of the tax amnesty scheme for industries, the increase in electricity tariffs, and an increase in the tax collection rate. And reducing the fiscal deficit.

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