Efforts continue to rescue 1,300-year-old ark

Efforts continue to rescue 1300 year old ark

Archaeologists in France are working to preserve the remains of a 1,300-year-old ark in a limited time. The wooden remains of the boat have become so fragile that even the wind can damage it.

The remains of a 40-foot-long boat discovered near the French city of Bodo are beams that have not been exposed to oxygen or light for some time, causing them to dehydrate and disintegrate.

However, the teams continue to spray water on the beams every 30 minutes and will continue to do so until about 200 of these pieces are carefully removed back and placed in the water. The ship’s beams are dehydrated due to lack of oxygen or light for a long time.

According to experts, the final resting place of the boat has not been decided yet. The beams could be preserved by resin or the debris could be re-buried at the site where it was discovered.

The wreckage was first discovered in 2013, but has only recently become completely clear.

The ark dates from between 680 and 720 CE and is thought to have been used to transport goods across rivers in southeastern France and northern Spain.

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