Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Election Commission announces to hold by-polls in Punjab on old electoral rolls

The Election Commission has announced that polling in 20 constituencies of Punjab will be conducted on the basis of old electoral rolls.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) said in a statement that media reports on voter registration were “baseless and based on misleading propaganda”.

ECP spokesman Haroon Shinwari pointed out that the electoral rolls were frozen after the announcement of the polling schedule and could not be changed under the law. He added that no vote could be added or removed until the end of the election process, nor could the voter details be changed.

Dismissing the ‘propaganda’ regarding voter registration as baseless, the ECP spokesperson said that the commission was committed to hold free and fair elections in 20 provincial assembly constituencies of Punjab in collaboration with other agencies.

An ECP official also said that PTI’s swift campaign against the commission appeared to be linked to a foreign funding case against the party.

He pointed out that the criticism against the ECP and its chairman has reached a new level after the commission reserved its decision in the funding case.

He said that the case would be decided on merit without any pressure.

It may be recalled that several PTI leaders, including its chief and former prime minister Imran Khan, have in recent days accused him of interfering in changing the results of the upcoming by-elections.

He also accused the use of state machinery to change voter lists and to benefit former PTI lawmakers contesting the July 17 elections with the support of the ruling parties.



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