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Election Commissioner tried hard not to allow EVMs: Imran Khan

Former Prime Minister and Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has said that they want to become the Prime Minister and Minister of Pakistan but keep their money outside the country. be me

The chairman of PTI while addressing the National Council meeting said that the purpose of my coming here is to update our constitution, the secret of success of any organization or country is to learn from mistakes on a regular basis. Make a change.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Insaf said that a People’s Party was the only party before us which came to power in four years, but it did not go through the process that we went through, there was a two-party system in the country, before us both The parties have shrunk, one party has been limited to Central Punjab only while the other has been limited to Indoran Sindh only.

He said that Jamaat can never progress unless it becomes an institution and has merit, merit comes when elections are held in the party. There is no trend of elections within the political parties of Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that in the history of cricket, there were no neutral umpires, due to which there were disputes in the fields that matches were lost because of the umpires, but after the arrival of neutral umpires, the situation has completely changed, now the loser would accept defeat. Is.

The former prime minister said that even in Pakistan no one accepts defeat except in the 1970 elections, that’s why we decided to introduce Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), the current Election Commissioner tried hard to sabotage it. The Election Commission’s job is to inform the government about the process.

He said that the Election Commissioner tried hard not to allow the EVM to come, similarly both the parties also opposed the electronic voting machine.

Imran Khan said that 2 weeks before the by-elections on 20 seats of Punjab, we were just trying to find out how to stop rigging. The report of the NGO regarding clean and transparent elections states that there are 163 ways of rigging the elections. Yes, once the EVM machines come in, it eliminates 130 methods of rigging.

Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan said that as soon as we are done with the general elections, we will immediately use technology within the party to conduct large-scale elections so that those who are working at the lower level can come up in the party.

He said that the main reason for the demise of national parties is that there is no merit in these parties.

Imran Khan said that the ideology of the party is very important, the people and officials of our own party do not know the ideology properly, the main reason for the problems that Pakistan is facing is the politics of power. They have no ideology.

He said that since 1988, these two parties have been badmouthing each other, corruption cases were made against each other by these people, the money laundering case against Nawaz Sharif in Hudayba Paper Mills was made by the People’s Party, in the same way. A $60 million case was filed by the Muslim League (N) against Surrey Mahal and Asif Zardari in a Swiss bank, accusing each other of stealing money from the people of Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that in 2008, in the name of democracy, both parties decided that our governments have ended due to corruption, then they looted the country for 10 years, they had no ideology, people who are against each other. All those people went against Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

Chairman PTI said that these people said that we want to topple the government due to inflation, Allah has exposed this politics of vested interests to the whole nation, what these people have done in three and a half months. From this it is clear that they were not interested in economy and inflation, their only aim was to take NRO,

He said that if our government was to be overthrown, then we would have made a plan. He is a victim, he pardoned the corruption of 1100 billion rupees by amending the NAB law from the assembly.

Imran Khan said that when the no-confidence motion was brought, the value of the dollar was 178 rupees against the rupee, while today its value has reached 250 rupees, similarly, the interest rate was 11 percent, while today the interest rate is 15.5 percent. In March, the growth rate of tax collection was 32 percent, its growth has come down to 10 percent in July.

He said that during our time exports and remittances were growing at record levels while today both are going down, which is most dangerous as it is leading us to default.

The former prime minister said that the external deficit was 500 million dollars in March, while today the external deficit has reached 2.6 billion dollars. In our era, according to the SPI, inflation was 17 percent, while today the inflation rate is 38 percent.

He said that despite Corona, most jobs were given during our time, the World Bank had said in the report that the lowest unemployment in the subcontinent was during our time.

He said that when the no-confidence motion was brought against us, our foreign exchange reserves at that time were 16.4 billion dollars, while today the foreign exchange reserves have halved, similarly, the growth rate of major industries was 26 percent, which is less. Tax has come to 10 percent.

Imran Khan said that what is the need of those people who were watching that the conspiracy is happening, and they decided not to do anything, whatever is happening to this country today they are also responsible for it. Pakistan is fourth in the list of countries that are going to default after Sri Lanka.

He said that today the army chief is calling the American deputy foreign minister to recommend the IMF to get money, so think about the situation of the country, the reputation of this government is so bad that he has to tell the army chief. Call that.

He said that these people did not even think about the future of the country, our government started the project of billion-term tsunami, no one thought about the environment, but they cut down the forests created during the British era, in fifty years. We didn’t build dams, we started building dams.

Imran Khan said that Dr. Ishrat Hussain wrote in the book how Bangladesh and India got ahead of Pakistan after 1990. Gone, with the amount of money they’ve made, I guarantee they don’t even know how many billions of dollars they have in countries outside of them.

He said that it should never be allowed in this country that someone should lead the country who does not have everything in Pakistan, what is the reason that they want to become the prime minister and minister of Pakistan but the money is outside the country, if If money is kept abroad, there are three reasons either it is stolen money, or you want to save tax due to which you send the money out but the third category is that they send money out because Pakistan has some Even time can be bankrupt, this country should be led by those people whose everything is in Pakistan, he should live and die in Pakistan.



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