Friday, August 19, 2022

Election will not take place on the strength of Imran Khan’s threats: Saad Rafiq

While talking to the media in Lahore, Khawaja Saad Rafiq said that our elders played a role in the establishment of Pakistan, anyone who talks is accused. A man who has no political struggle was brought forward, a man was brought into politics, who had no role in the political field.

PML-N leader asked whether we looted the wealth of the country? Where is the loot, where is the proof, we went to jails, made great sacrifices, what sin did we commit, what did we do to distrust, prove any role of the establishment in the process of bringing distrust, isn’t the constitution the way to distrust? give

Saad Rafiq further said that he left by destroying the economy, a man invites institutions to interfere, repeatedly violates the constitution, on the strength of Imran Khan’s threats, there will be no election, nothing will happen to Punjab. will remain

He said that when the constitution gives way to distrust, you also stopped that, when the court decides, it has to be accepted, whether you agree or not is on the demands of justice, minds have been polluted, what kind of Mahatma, it is your own. He is misleading the youth with his words, the 2018 election was stolen but we accepted it unwillingly, political rivals are all standing on one side.



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