Friday, August 12, 2022

Electricity shortfall has decreased across the country

The power shortfall across the country has come down to 5,217 MW.

According to sources in the Power Division, the total power generation in the country is 21,783 MW while the demand for electricity in the country is 27,000 MW.

According to the data, 4,926 MW of electricity is being generated from water and government thermal plants are generating 924 MW of electricity while the total output of private sector power plants is 12,425 MW. The production from wind power plants is 1,140 MW and from solar plants it is 100 MW.

The Bagas-based plants are generating 123 MW of electricity while 2,145 MW is being generated from nuclear fuel. Load shedding of up to 10 hours is being carried out in different parts of the country while the duration of load shedding is longer in areas with high losses.



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