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EliteTorrent, similar in operation to Don Torrent, is a site dedicated solely to Torrent movies, where we will find the latest news and movie premieres in good quality and in different languages. This site is one of the most famous, it has a nice and easy-to-use design, although despite the fact that it has had falls, it always comes back with a new domain, showing that it is still standing despite the failures or blocks it has had.

EliteTorrent is another alternative to DonTorrent, what’s more, in case you didn’t know EliteTorrent has a long history in the world of downloading movies through Torrent and also series, this site knows well what users are looking for, that’s why they take care to give them the best quality on each occasion and to keep us updated on a daily basis.

Those in charge of keeping the site updated and working are of great help, since for more than 10 years they have been in charge of keeping all the content as updated as possible.

EliteTorrent Features

When accessing this site, the first thing we notice is a great variety of movies in its main section, showing us the latest releases, their quality, language and weight so that users can choose the option that suits them best.


At the top we see a navigation bar with a small search engine where we can search for a title or genre, we also see different options such as movies, series, premieres, online movies, etc.

How to download movies on EliteTorrent?

It is very easy to download Torrent movies, we will need a client that allows us to open the torren file to download the movie, once we have it, we will look for our favorite movie or choose one in its different categories.

When selecting the film, we notice that it shows us some information about the film, such as date, size, genre, language, format and quality, in addition to seeing the score on the right side.

To download the movie at the top we will see three buttons, we will choose the option to download Torrent and it will automatically download, we will open the file with our Torrent client and the download of the movie will begin on our device.

History of EliteTorrent

Over the past two years, we have seen a large number of riverine areas begin to reduce blindness, although sometimes they go back to just one more name. The last major torrent website that decided to shut down was a veteran of Elitetorrents, a website that relied on the Internet to find any series or movie in the last 13 years of its existence. The only major reason for this closure was the legal problems they faced in addition to seeing how a large number of Internet providers began to block access to the web.

In an effort to take advantage of the huge number of fans of the platform, a website administrator has announced the creation of eliteros.com, a website where movie lovers can share your ideas and experiences with your TV and movie series, non-successful conversions. remotely, even if you are currently visiting elitetorrent.net domain is redirected to a new web page.

For those who are completely unfamiliar with it and are not accustomed to switching to this type of download, soon, if it is not started, clones like mushrooms will start to appear, with the same name trying to take advantage of being pulled by this web page has always had it. so I recommend that you use some of the reputable websites that are still available.

Maybe now is a good time to think about whether it is possible to rent a video streaming service. Netflix is ​​currently the largest video streaming service that offers the largest catalog, as it has been the longest in our country, although we can also choose HBO or Amazon Prime Video, although the catalog of these people is very small, but not available.

Facts about Elite Torrent

When choosing one or the other we must have a series of options in the gutter.


Do they have what we want? It is essential that we check it before. Or we can always have a list of websites at hand where we can check if there is what we want to download or not.


It is not enough that it is available in the catalog but also that it is of sufficient quality. There are websites that offer up to 4K quality as long as you have a device available and you want to see it in this format.


Malware is one of the most frequent download problems and we must look for alternatives that allow us to get links without taking risks.

EliteTorrent Movies & TV Series

EliteTorrent has been the benchmark in torrent downloads for a long time. But it has never been the only option and, now that it has been blocked in Spain – and for a long time now – the truth is that we have a wide variety of alternatives to EliteTorrent.

It is true that the web appears and disappears, but it does not hurt to have alternatives at hand. And no, there is nothing to fear because the availability of links reaches its level, or even exceeds it, and the quality of the same is also perfectly up to par. But what are the most complete and best websites in this Internet ‘niche’?

There are websites dedicated to torrenting that have not ceased to exist, but they are no longer available to users who connect to the Internet from Spain. Although it is easy to bypass the blocking of a website, not all users know how to do it. In addition, when a portal of this type suffers a blockage, it is normal for the number of users to decrease significantly and, as its community decreases, the rise of torrent links is also reduced.

Be that as it may, as we mentioned, there are a wide variety of alternatives to EliteTorrent for users who are looking for them, and they are worth taking a look at.

What is Elitetorrent?

A simple search on Google or DuckDuckGo shows us that there are several web pages claiming to be EliteTorrent. We must exercise extreme caution when visiting them since many are a nest of malware that only seeks to infect our PC or mobile. A trick to know if we are dealing with a legitimate website is to check if when downloading a torrent we download a .torrent file (the normal thing) or a .zip that hides files with “dangerous” extensions such as .vbs. The latter should not be executed under any circumstances.

Until now, www elitetorrent li was the official and active domain of the download portal. This came as a replacement for elitetorrent tv that had been running until now. This in turn came to replace elitetorrent biz, then elitetorrent io and then elitetorrent.one. The crusade against the best-known download portal continues and it will not be the last domain change that we have to tell.

However, during the third a new domain had to be enabled to access EliteTorrent. In this case, www elitetorrent li automatically redirects us to www elitetorrent bz, which right now we can consider the official domain. The previous one lasted a few days, so it is possible that we will have news about it soon.

In March a domain in the form of www elitetorrent nl was enabled. This domain lasted a few months and later gave way to www.elitetorrent to. Currently the official web address to access is www elitetorrentse. What’s more, all of the above redirect to that domain that, at this time, should be considered as the official EliteTorrent.

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