Elon Musk’s deadline to buy Twitter expires

Elon Musks deadline to buy Twitter

The management of the micro-blogging website Twitter has said that the deadline for Elon Musk to purchase has expired.

Elon Musk announced in April that he would buy the microblogging site for 44 44 billion, offering Twitter more than 54 54 per share, and Twitter’s directors accepted his offer.

Elon Musk later announced that he would not buy Twitter immediately, citing the existence of fake accounts, and later vaguely hinted that he would not buy Twitter. And now Twitter’s management says The legal deadline for Elon Musk to purchase expired on June 2.

The deadline for Elon Musk expired on June 2, and the completion of the purchase agreement will now be subject to the approval of government agencies, including the re-approval of the directors.

Twitter management, citing the Hurt Scott Rodino Anti-Trust Act, said that Elon Musk would now have to re-purchase and enter into agreements under the same act.

In addition to the Twitter statement, Elon Musk is also facing an investigation by the US Security Exchange and has been asked how he would transfer such a large sum of money and what would be the procedure.

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