Even if a commission is formed on the statement of external conspiracy, Imran Khan will not accept the decision: Khawaja Asif

Even if a commission is formed on the statement of

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif has said that even if we form a commission on the statement of external conspiracy, I conditionally say that they will not accept the decision of the commission because Imran Khan only wants them to be ruled.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad along with the federal ministers, Khawaja Asif said that when the income of the families decreases, you start making one dish instead of two. Tried to introduce this thing and neither the concerned classes tried to be frugal.

He said that the life of the common man has become very difficult so the nation will have to make a collective struggle to get out of the current situation, but I assure you that the coalition government will take responsibility for the coming days. Inflation should be reduced and the increase in the difficulties of the common man should be reversed.

“If the war between Ukraine and Russia ends, oil and gas prices will fall sharply, which will help us reduce the prices of petroleum products and provide relief to the people, but at the moment we are not the international community,” he said. They have come under the sphere of politics.

On the occasion, senior PPP leader and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Kashmir Affairs Qamar Zaman Kaira said that the government had to take a very difficult and undesirable decision, since the government came, the prices of petroleum products have been rising steadily.

He said that rising global petrol prices were putting a strain on the exchequer and the media and economists across the country were saying that it was not possible to do so. Continue, so why isn’t the government making quick decisions?

“If Pakistan continues this subsidy and we cannot provide the resources, you will go bankrupt and default, but we are grateful when we made these decisions with a heavy heart,” he warned. Even though people protested with a big heart, they accepted these things and these decisions.

Qamar Zaman Kaira said that those who had reached an agreement with the IMF were sitting on television saying that oil prices would go above 300, subsidies would have to be abolished and he was right, prices are now higher. It will not increase, but according to the details of the agreement they have with the IMF, the prices should have been as they are.

He asked which government would like us to be unpopular with the people but what options do we have, whether to make Sri Lanka or take steps to get out of this difficult situation and fix it.

He said that earlier it was announced to give Rs 2,000 per month to 8 million people and now this amount will be given to 6 million more families. It will have a small effect.

The PPP leader said that what is the interest to face the wrath of the people but it is our government which has decided that we will bear the political loss but we will not harm Pakistan like the previous government. That we throw the people into the pit for cheap fame.

“I urge the business community to help us change the habits of the nation. We all have to run the country together. How can it be that we do not stop the waste and ask the government to do all that?” Fix it, there will be no government in the world that can fix it.

He said that changing the habits of the nation, even if the purchases were reduced for two or four days, those customers would come to you, they would not go to any other city. Despite these difficult circumstances, the income of the business class did not decrease.

Qamar Zaman Kaira said that it is your right to criticize the government, we are making difficult decisions so we will have to face criticism but we will also support our legitimate steps keeping in view the national need to face this problem together. Can do

Replying to a question, Khawaja Asif said that during the PTI rule, the price of petrol in the international market was half as much as it is today but in spite of that they increased it by Rs 37. We have now increased it three times.

Responding to a question, the Defense Minister said that the highest forum of our security is the National Security Committee which is attended by top political and military leaders and also military chiefs, including in the last meeting chaired by Imran Khan. The same decision was taken later, the decision taken under his presidency was not different from the decision taken in our time.

He said that the DG ISPR had twice clarified the issue of external conspiracy without any ambiguity. That it will not accept the decision of the commission because they want to either give me the rule or the army will be destroyed and the country will be destroyed.

He declined to comment on the FATF’s response, saying “this is a sensitive and sensitive issue and I do not want any comment on this. Harmful, but we try to get out of the gray list as soon as possible.

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