Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Everlasting friendship between pet dogs and ducklings

A dog in Britain surprised the world when it adopted 15 duck orphans and is still taking care of them.

Fred, a compassionate dog of the Labrador breed, has adopted ducklings after his mother disappeared.

A dog from Mount Fishe Castle, Essex, saw one night that the mother of the ducklings had suddenly disappeared and the little ones were upset. Here he played the role of father of the children and took care of them. Although the dog’s owner feeds the ducklings, Fred takes good care of them and sometimes takes them in his arms and sometimes takes them for walks.

Animal behavior experts say there have been few cases in nature where dogs have cared so much for a bird. That’s why Fred’s behavior has made headlines around the world, and his photos and videos are going viral.

One night in 2018, all the ducklings left their mother behind, after which the dog befriended them and spends most of the day with them. However, the dog’s owner said that the ducklings would be separated when they grow up and become independent.



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