Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Farah Gogi named a plot of Rs 60 crore for Rs 83 million, Ata Tarar

PML-N leader Ata Tarar has said that we are going to issue a red warrant against Farah Gogi. We used to hear about Maqsood Chapdasi but we have caught Maqsood Ahmed.

PML-N leader Ata Tarar along with Malik Ahmad Khan told a press conference that Farah Gogi had registered a 10-acre industrial plot in Faisalabad Economic Zone and Farah Gogi had named a plot worth Rs 60 crore for Rs 83 million. کروایا۔ The accused arrested in this case will not be tried for 4.4 months.

He said that the innocent desire to see not 3 carats but a big diamond was needed, diamond bundles were made, bundles were taken out and diamonds were sold there. The Prime Minister has a box at his disposal and this is the only thing that the Prime Minister himself can touch.

Atta Tarar said that the head of a country celebrated badly and he picked up a watch from the black market, I ask him to define a case of Rs 60 crore, you are a shareholder and a certified thief is the one who sells watches.

He said that wherever one or two billion robberies come out, there are scandals of billions and why don’t they bring Farah Gogi back. We are going to issue a red warrant against Farah Gogi, her minister used to say in his ear, Khan sahib islamic touch, now if you do your best, we will do our best.

The PML-N leader said that whoever stabbed him in the back, he stabbed him in the back. He knew that Farah Gogi would be a forgiving witness against him in a minute.

PML-N Punjab leader Malik Ahmad Khan said that by-elections were being held and due to 7 steps legal steps were taken. We tried our best to abide by the constitution and law. Violations of the constitution go to the PTI and what was done by Qasim Suri also goes to their account.

He said that when the situation was polarized, everyone was on his side and till then he was a patriot and best friend. Imran Khan considers himself a champion of truth and truth and when he felt that the government was coming to an end then a statement was prepared in which he said that I was fired because there was a conspiracy and a letter about the conspiracy was discussed. ۔

Malik Ahmad Khan said that if the conspiracy was known then why the ambassador of this country was not called and why he did not write a reply letter to this country? When it comes to Russia, they talk about diplomacy.

He said that the no-confidence motion is a constitutional method. Imran Khan conspired internally in the name of external conspiracy. Imran Khan sold gifts from abroad so he cannot be given a better name than Tosha Khan.

The Punjab law minister said that the gifts received by Tosha Khan were taken home and they have looted public money. I can hear the details of many interviews from different angles and billions of rupees were earned through Farah Gogi. Then who doesn’t know that Farah Gogi. Could this corruption have taken place without Imran Khan?



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