Monday, August 15, 2022

Female reporter lashes out at ‘naughty kids’ Video viral

In Lahore, the capital of Punjab province, a video of a female reporter slapping a mischievous boy while reporting went viral.

This guy was harassing the family during the interview – which made the family upset – I first lovingly explained that don’t do this but despite the explanation this guy didn’t understand and was making a lot of noise – after which I didn’t tell him that And be tolerated by giving the opportunity?

– Maira Hashmi (ira MairaHashmi7) July 11, 2022

The video of local news channel reporter Maira Hashmi slapping a teenage boy standing next to her went viral on social media.

In the short video, a female reporter is seen reporting on the happiness of families and children on the day of Eid and a teenage boy standing next to her can be seen doing mischief.

As soon as the female reporter completed the report, she slapped the boy, the video of which went viral on social media and some people even criticized the female reporter.

Most users made humorous comments on the video of the female reporter slapping the boy and expressed hope that the next boy would refrain from misbehaving with a female reporter.

Some people called the female reporter the women’s moon nawab, while others wrote that she was slapped live with a live beeper.

Some people slammed the female reporter and wrote that she tried to gain cheap fame by slapping an innocent child.

Reporter Maira Hashmi also shared the video in an explanatory tweet after being criticized by the people and said that the teenage boy was misbehaving with the family there.

The reporter claimed that he first explained to the boy with love but he did not understand, after which he was forced to slap him.



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