Friday, August 19, 2022

For the first time in Pakistan, a laboratory for studying mental attitudes has been established

Pakistan’s leading private educational institution has set up the country’s first neuroscience laboratory, which will help make decisions by understanding human behavior.

In Pakistan, with the help of technology, research was started on the factors that influence decision making by understanding human behavior. Technology that changes attitudes by reading the human brain will radically change the realm of politics, education, health and commerce.

The country’s leading educational institution, the Institute of Business Administration, has set up the country’s first neuro-marketing laboratory at IBA, to study the immediate effects of an audio-visual message on the human subconscious through digital devices with sensitive and advanced sensors. Is done

EEG sensors that read brain waves in the laboratory, eye-tracking sensors that sense human thinking through eye movements, GSR sensors that read the effects of a message or scene on the human brain through the human skin, and facials Factors influencing human decision-making will be explored on a scientific basis by combining methods of action coding.



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