Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Foreign exchange reserves halved since no-confidence motion: Asad Umar

Former federal minister and PTI leader Asad Umar has said that the sector which could be helpful in the economy was attacked. They wake up every morning and think about which class to oppress.

Former federal minister Asad Omar told a press conference that taxing industries would increase unemployment and that it would take a few days to discuss the budget, but the government also presented the budget and made announcements.

He said that since the day the no-confidence motion was filed, the foreign exchange reserves have halved and the foreign exchange reserves which were in Pune for four years have been blown away in three months. Bankruptcy in the country is due to Shahbaz Sharif.

Asad Umar said that he does not understand what to do with the people of Pakistan and these people wake up every morning thinking which class of Pakistani people to oppress. He attacked the sector of the economy which could be helpful and the stock market had collapsed only after Shahbaz Sharif’s speech.

He said that they were joking with the nation and burden was being laid on the people. I ask Shahbaz Sharif how much more burden will be put on the people? These people are ready to go to any lengths to give relief to themselves and Shahbaz Sharif says that we are doing all this on the voice of our conscience. Shahbaz Sharif, tell me which is the voice of conscience.

The PTI leader said that Shahbaz Sharif says that he has sacrificed himself. Shahbaz Sharif, tell me, if Maqsood Chapdasi was sacrificed, what sacrifice are you talking about now? They say that there will be a shortage of dry food, then tell Shahbaz Sharif that you have reached this point.

He said that Dr. Rizwan, Maqsood Chapdasi was sacrificed and now it is not known how many people will be sacrificed. I ask Shahbaz Sharif how much money are you willing to sacrifice from Avonfield and Hudabia?

Asad Omar said there was talk of a capable team but he said drink less a cup of tea to save the economy. Is the plan to end inflation by selling clothes over? They only know why they came. Khurram Dastgir has told everything and now in 2 months NAB law has changed, he is not concerned about the people but his own concern.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif should forgive Habib Jalib for the sake of God. The next few months will see an increase in inflation and every few months there will be an increase in unemployment.



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