Thursday, August 18, 2022

Gang arrested for tricking people through women

The district police claimed to have made videos of men cheating and trapping men through women members and to expose the group that extorted money from them through blackmail.

According to the report, DPO spokesman Shehzad Ashfaq told Dawn that the Dahranwala police station had registered a case against four people, including two women, and two of them had been arrested. Videos recovered.

On June 29, a farmer named Muhammad Hanif of Chak 172 Murad was trapped by a female member of the gang and his video was made with him, he was blackmailed so that he could pay Rs 80,000 to the gang members.

After receiving the money, the thugs told Hanif that if he wanted to protect his honor, he would continue to pay him in the future.

The group trapped and blackmailed a citizen named Sajid Ali of Khatan area and also deprived him of his motorcycle.

A DPO spokesman claimed that the arrested gangsters confessed to blackmailing dozens of citizens during interrogation for a long time but the majority of the victims were not ready to record their statements against the gang members for fear of scandals. The arrested gang members are being questioned to find out his other accomplices, he said.

He said that the police investigation has revealed that the gang members belonging to Chak 172 Murad used their female members and recorded videos of different people and then blackmailed them. The gang was simple. The tablet targeted people, especially those from the class who could not speak out to protect their dignity.

On June 26, Muhammad Dewan, a resident electrician of Chuck 32/3-R, was called to an outhouse by a woman from Chuck 172 Murad and a member of the gang under the pretext of fixing a power outage. He was taken hostage by members who tortured him, stripped him naked and made videos with members of the women’s gang.

The gang later threatened Muhammad Dewan that he would upload the video on social media if he did not pay Rs 100,000.



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