Good news for heart patients

Good news for heart patients

The good news for heart patients is that they no longer have to worry about open heart surgery.

Open heart operations were started at Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Lahore and five successful surgeries were performed in three days under the supervision of specialist doctors.

When the arteries of the heart are closed, the arteries are usually replaced by open heart surgery and the patient returns to normal life after 3 months. ۔

The 5 hour operation requires minimal blood transfusions, the operation mark is modest and the hospital stay is very short.

With the modern treatment, the patient starts walking on the second day of the operation. The patients undergoing the operation with modern method are very happy. Patients say that this modern operation was not realized.

Prof. Dr. Fayyaz Haider says that the method of heart operation with minor cut is many years old but the experts are deliberately ignoring this method.

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