Google has agreed to pay for Wikipedia

Google has agreed to pay for Wikipedia

US tech company Google has agreed to pay the online encyclopedia Wikipedia for content displayed through its search engine, which reflects its agreements with news outlets in Europe.

According to an AFP report, Wikipedia’s governing charity, the Wikimedia Foundation, said Google was the first user to pay for its business plan, the Wikimedia Enterprise, which was introduced last year.

The non-profit organization ‘Internet Archive’ runs a website called ‘Wayback Machine’ which saves snapshots of websites and is used to fix Wikipedia links, its commercial services now Will be provided free of charge.

“We are delighted to be working with both of them as long-term partners,” Lane Baker of Wikimedia said in a statement.

Wikipedia is one of the most read websites in the world. It has been an open online encyclopedia since 2001. Volunteers update it and donate to continue its services. Is dependent.

The foundation assures that the new business agreement will not change the free access policy for ordinary Internet users.

Google uses Wikipedia content for its ‘Knowledge Panel’, it is a sidebar with important search results, it does not always show the source of the information which caused the complaints from Wikimedia.

Note that Google has previously provided money to Wikipedia through donations and grants.

“We’ve long supported the Wikimedia Foundation’s shared goals of increasing access to knowledge and information for people everywhere,” said Tim Palmer of Google.

A statement from the foundation did not specify the value of the agreement with Google.

French regulators and Google have agreed to a framework for paying news outlets to use content, ending years of controversy.

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