Monday, August 15, 2022

Government coalition’s decision to file petition for full court bench

The ruling coalition has decided to approach the Supreme Court tomorrow for a full court bench in the matter of the election of Chief Minister Punjab.

According to media reports, the government ally and PDM parties have decided to file a petition in the Supreme Court to form a full court bench in the matter of Punjab Chief Minister election.

Leaders of the government ally and PDM parties will make an important announcement in a joint press conference at 10:30 am tomorrow and after the press conference, they will go to the Supreme Court together with their lawyers.

According to the reports, it will be requested to hear the petition of Chief Minister of Punjab, review petition of the Supreme Court Bar and related petitions together.

Pakistan Muslim League (N), People’s Party, JUI (F) will approach the Supreme Court for this request. Among the petitioners are MQM, ANP, BNP, BAP and other allied parties.



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