Government issues high alert to deal with Monkey Pax

Government issues high alert to deal with Monkey

The federal government has issued special instructions to all national and provincial health department officials to be on high alert for any suspected cases of monkey pox. Monkey pox is a viral disease that has been spreading in Europe and other regions in recent days. ۔

The Ministry of Health is keeping a close eye on the situation and has rejected information circulating on social media about cases of monkey pox in Pakistan. According to reports, no case of Monkey Pax has come to light in the country so far.

Earlier, the NIH had clarified that reports on the spread of the disease in the country on social media were “incorrect” and asked national and provincial health officials to be vigilant in case of any suspicious case.

Meanwhile, last week, Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel had said that the government had ordered testing kits for diagnosing the virus.

Testing kits have been ordered which will be delivered soon. Staff at the interior of the country have also been alerted but no case has come to light so far.

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