Govt Imposes Complete Ban On Imports Of Luxury Cars, Phones And Other Items: Maryam Aurangzeb

Govt imposes complete ban on imports of luxury cars phones

The government imposed a complete ban on the import of luxury foreign goods on the basis of economic emergency to support the country’s rapidly deteriorating economy.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Federal Minister for Information Maryam Aurangzeb gave a briefing on government decisions.

The details of the items which have been banned for import are as follows.

Mobile phones, appliances and dried fruit (except Afghanistan) crockery weapons and lights (except energy saver) headphones and loudspeakers, ketchups and window frames and frying backers and suits centeranery and ferrous fisheries. BagsJames & Jelican FlexBathroom Wear Heaters / BlowersGlassesKitchen Variated Water (Frozen Water) Frozen MatjoszPasta Etc. Ice CreamsGreatsShopping EquipmentLuxury Leather ItemsMusical InstrumentsSalon Items Including Hair Dryers

He said that import of luxury items has been banned on the basis of economic emergency and import of imported vehicles has been completely banned.

He added that imports of gems and jewelery, leather, chocolate and juices, cigarettes have been completely banned. Imports of heavy vehicles and mobile phones have also been banned.

The Information Minister said that import of imported confectionery, crockery, furniture, fish and frozen food, fruit and dried fruit has also been banned.

He said that import of make-up and tissue papers has also been banned.

Also imported home appliances, imported personal weapons, imported shoes, sausages, frozen mats, furniture, shampoo, make-up, luxury mattresses, sleeping bags, jams, jellies, sunglasses, musical instruments, salon items and shaving equipment. The import of has also been completely banned.

The information minister said the ban would have an impact on foreign exchange reserves in two months and that the ban and other measures would have a positive impact on the economy of 6 6 billion annually.

Maryam Aurangzeb said that the growth rate of the country was 6% during the PML-N era. In the last four years, the economy of the country was ruined.

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