Friday, August 12, 2022

Hamza Shahbaz will easily be re-elected as Chief Minister: Ata Tarar

PML-N has claimed a numerical majority in the re-election of Punjab Chief Minister and said that Hamza Shahbaz will be easily re-elected as Chief Minister tomorrow.

Talking to media outside the court along with other PML-N leaders, PML-N leader Ata Tarar said that today’s decision of the Lahore High Court was taken in the context of the interpretation of Article 63A of the Supreme Court. Ordered that votes against the party’s direction will not be counted.

Ata Tarar claimed that the High Court had neither annulled the election nor ordered a new election, ordering re-election by minus the votes of only 25 members.

He said that it was stipulated in the constitution that if he could not get a simple majority of 146 in the election of the Chief Minister, then the election would be held again. The decision also states that Hamza will remain the Chief Minister till tomorrow evening and a new election will be held tomorrow evening.

Ata Tarar said that minus 25 of our votes but our number is 177 while the number of PTI and PML-Q alliance is 168 and we are currently with a lead of nine votes, in any case the election was declared null and void. Has not been removed and Hamza Shahbaz has not been removed, only recount of votes has been directed, all the decisions of Hamza Shahbaz and his cabinet will remain in place, they have not been made ineffective.

He said that Hamza Shahbaz will remain the Chief Minister till the election of the new Chief Minister and tomorrow we will win this election. Half the people are happy and half the people are sad. They do not understand what has been decided.

Atta Tarar said that the court order states that action will be taken against any illegal act and obstruction in tomorrow’s election, six months imprisonment will be imposed. Will go to court for contempt of court.

The PML-N leader said that the Deputy Speaker would convene the meeting as Speaker Pervez Elahi is the Chief Ministerial candidate himself. That is, now no member can break away and go to another party, the number will be elected tomorrow on the number listed in the papers and we have a clear lead of nine votes.

“I am grateful to the independent candidates who are committed to us and have no fear of going anywhere,” he said.



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