Hatred Against The Hijab Also Began To Be Seen In Occupied Kashmir

Hatred against the hijab also began to be seen in

Female students and teachers were also banned from wearing hijab in a school in Occupied Kashmir.

According to Kashmiri media, following the directive of the administration of Occupying India, female students and teachers in a school in Baramulla were banned from wearing hijab.

The circular issued by the school has instructed the students and teachers not to wear hijab within the school premises.

Former Chief Minister of Occupied Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti strongly condemned the ban on hijab and said that the BJP should realize that this is not a state in India where Muslim girls and women are not allowed to wear hijab. Occupied Kashmir girls and women will not tolerate ban on hijab.

Hijab has been banned in educational institutions in various states, including the Indian state of Karnataka.

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