He Who Is Sitting In London And Making Decisions Is A Fugitive And Convicted: Imran Khan

He who is sitting in London and making decisions is

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the political funeral of those who came together to defeat Imran Khan will come out. The one who is sitting in London and making decisions is a fugitive and has been convicted.

Addressing a rally in Swabi, he said that one of his ministers says we are on vanity letter, we are forced into slavery. Pakistan’s crime minister is out on bail, the chief minister also has corruption cases, 60% of the cabinet is out on bail Is convicted.

He said that when the institutions of the country are destroyed, then the country is destroyed. He died of a heart attack and is fighting another life battle.

He said that I will tell you which poison is mixed in food which causes heart attack. It will be the same with FIA as it was with Karachi police.

Chairman PTI said that Naseerullah Babar conducted an operation against MQM in Karachi. When Nawaz Sharif’s government came, he made a compromise with MQM. Killed, till today the police could not stand in Karachi again.

He said that Swabi is close to Islamabad when I will give a call to the conscious and courageous youth of Swabi to reach Islamabad.

He said that the people of Swabi should come to Islamabad for the real independence of this country and those who could not get out should stay in Swabi and protest and the imported government should not be accepted.

“I am an independent Pakistan. When my parents were born in slavery, millions of people sacrificed in the British wars but no one ever thanked them,” he said.

He said that when Pakistan helped the US in the war more than 80,000 people sacrificed in it, most of the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa sacrificed but did anyone thank them, did the US Said thank you for your sacrifices? On the contrary, voices have been raised from the United States that Pakistan has not won the war in Afghanistan. Remember, slaves are never respected.

“Under no circumstances will we accept the government of thieves and slaves,” he said. We just want an election date.

Imran Khan said that we are the nation of the greatest leader in the world, Zardari and Sharifs ruled from 2008 to 2018, Diesel was also fit with them. He said that these three stages together for 10 years. During his rule, there were 400 drone strikes on Pakistan. A thousand miles away in America, a man used to attack our country by pressing a button. No one ever knew where the drone strike took place and who died below.

“No law in the world allows such attacks. They have never dared to say anything to the United States. Will it allow us to carry out drone strikes on our wanted terrorists in their country?” Kill

He said that they are slaves of America and they worship money, their money is lying in London and America, they will never open their mouths for the rights and benefit of their people, because they brought them because They knew that Imran Khan would not give them bases.

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