Friday, August 19, 2022

Hearing on appeals against election and swearing in of Punjab Chief Minister completed

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has completed hearing on the appeals against the election and oath of Hamza Shahbaz. He remarked that if the decision of the Supreme Court came, how can we ignore this decision. The interpretation of the Supreme Court will be applicable in the present circumstances.

A five-member bench of the Lahore High Court headed by Justice Sadaqat Ali Khan is hearing the appeals. The bench concluded the hearing after concluding the arguments of the lawyers. The Lahore High Court adjourned the hearing of the case for 30 minutes.

Justice Shahid Jameel remarked that the reference of the disqualified members was sent. The matter was pending in the Supreme Court. The Chief Minister was elected. The decision of the Supreme Court came. Lets you help at this point.

Lawyer Hamza Shahbaz has said in his arguments that he has referred to the decisions of the Supreme Court in his written arguments. The decisions of the Supreme Court have been applied to future cases.

Justice Shahid Jameel in reply said that the whole country has come to know that we are thinking that the decision of the Supreme Court will be applied from the past. You should go to the Supreme Court and review this decision. Interpretation of the Supreme Court Current Situation I will apply.

The court said that if we come to the conclusion that the decision will apply from the past, we will issue immediate orders. Whether the notification of special seats is issued or not is not before us. We are watching the election and They are watching the implementation of the decision of the Supreme Court.

Ali Zafar, PTI’s lawyer, argued that it was not possible for the law to be changed every six months.

The court remarked that we should decide to annul the election of the Chief Minister and hold a new election. If we do so, the decision of the Supreme Court would be annulled. You can read the interpretation of the Supreme Court.

In the last hearing, the court said that in case of re-polling, he would become the chief minister with a majority of 25 votes. Can be saved

At the last hearing, PTI lawyer had asked for a ten-day respite. The court inquired as to how the five new members would vote in the 16th session. We will only implement the decision of the Supreme Court.



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