Thursday, August 18, 2022

Here are 7 things to avoid doing a Google search

Google, the world’s largest search engine, can provide the world’s information with a single click, Google can tell you the solution to everything from small annoying questions to big life problems.

But sometimes Google can get us in trouble, by the way there are a lot of things that should be avoided by searching, but here we are telling you about some of them.

If you are feeling sick, do not Google the symptoms of the disease at all, sometimes Google does not diagnose the disease correctly, when the diagnosis is wrong, you will misuse the medicine and it can sometimes be fatal, So see a doctor if you are sick.

Finding ways to make crime, drugs, bombs or any kind of weapon on Google can get you into trouble all of a sudden.

The country’s security agencies monitor such content and your computer’s IP address can be entered into their database, which can cause you to get into trouble even if you don’t want to.

your name

Also, avoid finding your name on Google, as your old photos and information will appear in Google’s database, which may not be very pleasant for you.


People try every possible way to get rid of bed bugs at home, and sometimes resort to Google to find these ways.

But searching for bad bugs on Google can be confusing, the information on Google can also convince people that this 6-legged worm is hidden in your bed, even if it is not. Even if

Food items

Due to the poor performance of most of the restaurants, there are some things that come out in the food that will make you feel heartbroken forever. If you read the stories related to these things, you will not even think of eating out in the future.


If you use Google to understand a language, avoid it because it is more likely that the meaning of your sentence will change completely.

Free anti-virus applications and software

There are many fake antivirus applications and software available on the internet. If you are looking for an authentic app or software, it is more likely that you will install malware or viruses in this endeavor.



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