Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Hidden human images revealed in light reflected from ‘magic mirror’

Known as the Magic Mirror, a mirror made in the fifteenth or sixteenth century revealed hidden human images in the light reflected from it.

The mirror was last exhibited in 2017. A magic mirror is, in fact, a special mirror that, when illuminated in a certain way, reveals hidden features in what it reflects. This is because the inner surface of the mirror is specially made. It has also been displayed in a museum in Tokyo before and is said to have been invented in Japan.

When the bright light of the smart phone was shined on this mirror, it reflected and when it fell on the wall, a clear image was revealed in this light. After some experiments, the image became clearer, and Gautama Buddha’s face could be seen in it. Buddha is seated in the Aalti Palati marker. The back of the mirror is made of bronze metal with the inscription in bold letters: ‘Amitabha, who passed away as an important figure in the Buddhist sect of East Asia.’

After this discovery, the Cincinnati Museum is one of the few museums in the world where such a magic mirror exists. According to a careful estimate, these masterpieces exist only in three places. Different words, or images are engraved on the surface of the mirror by bending it slightly, the reflection of which appears more prominently on the wall.

It is believed that this mirror was an ornament for religious ceremonies or a place of worship. However, his country of origin is still to be ascertained. It is believed to be from China or Japan.



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