Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Houses planned for Kashmiri refugees: Qamar Zaman Kaira

Qamar Zaman Kaira said that Pakistan has always supported Kashmiris in the Kashmir case and especially the brothers and sisters struggling in occupied Kashmir at all levels.

Addressing a press conference along with Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman and Qamar Zaman Kaira after the cabinet meeting in Islamabad, Maryam Aurangzeb said that the meeting strongly condemned the attack on the polio team in Tank, polio team workers and two policemen. Have been martyred and the Home Minister has been directed to submit a report in this regard in the next meeting.

He said that National Hedges Waste Management Policy has been approved, Interior Ministry has set an important agenda, Apex Committee meeting was held through Afghan Inter-Ministerial Liaison Cell, in which NADRA, Board of Investment, Foreign Office handed over to Afghanistan. Visa Regime Review and Approval of these proposals.

He said that under this, Afghan visa applications would be processed in embassies around the world and in Pakistan’s foreign offices on the basis of current nationality and passport instead of country of origin.

He said a sub-category has been added to the work visa category to promote trade with Afghanistan, approving a proposal to introduce drivers, transporters and helpers into the online visa system within the sub-category. Gone

The Information Minister said that multiple entry visas would be issued within a period of 6 months within 48 hours, if it was to be extended for one year, the authority would be with the Ministry of Home Affairs.

He said that drivers, transporters and helpers are being exempted from the letter of Board of Investment and registration of SECP, NADRA has been directed to bring it in the online system.

He said a visa waiver proposal has also been approved for patients coming from Afghanistan on medical grounds.

Referring to Hajj policy, he said that some cases related to Hajj were pending. According to the amendments of 2022, the government quota has been increased from 32,453 to 34,641.

The Secretary Religious Affairs said that Pakistan had received a total quota of 81,132 this time, which was divided between the government and NGOs or private companies with the approval of the Cabinet.

Elaborating on the quota, he said that the government had taken 40 per cent quota, which was 32,453, while the private sector had given 60 per cent quota, which was 48,679.

He said that during the Hajj operation we encountered some difficulties, 1400 people were booked more due to the mistake of the banks, it was the fault of the banks, we inquired about it and the banks admitted the mistake.

“We adjusted them but there were still more than 400 people who did not have seats, while the Peshawar High Court ruled that a few were left in 2019 due to a mistake made by a private company,” the secretary said. He said that he would take the government and the ministry from his quota and the expenses would be met from the Hajj fund.

He said that in order to resolve this issue, the Minister of Religious Affairs wrote a letter to the Saudi government asking for an additional quota of Rs 2,000 which was given to us by the Saudi government and to the Cabinet for approval to include it in the official Hajj. Were gone

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman said that the National Hedges Waste Policy has been approved today. To be imported into Pakistan.

“It also includes plastics, hospital waste and electronic waste and other things that are dangerous, so how to dispose of them or what are the long-term effects on people’s health and the environment by going into our water reservoirs,” he said. The policy is in this regard.

He said that Pakistan imports about 80,000 tons of hazardous waste in a year, which must be stopped.

Qamar Zaman Kaira said that Pakistan has always supported Kashmiris in the Kashmir case and especially the brothers and sisters struggling in occupied Kashmir at all levels.

He said that when the Indian Army launched an operation from Kashmir in 1989, 8,000 families were relocated from there, who were housed in various camps and the government of Pakistan continued to provide assistance and support funds per capita. A summary has been sent for further increase and the government of Kashmir has also been asked.

He said that it was decided to build houses for the refugees living in camps and shelters. More than 8,000 houses are to be built. Today, the cabinet has decided to release about Rs 3.10 billion for the first phase. What is the decision, which will be released today or tomorrow and we will try to start work as soon as possible, the government of Kashmir will provide space and the project will start soon, for this a steering committee has been formed. Is.

Replying to a question regarding power load shedding, Maryam Aurangzeb said that the previous government did nothing on supply and generation, the energy sector was devastated like the economy.

He said that no decision was taken regarding supply and demand but the projects which were running on efficient fuel and which were started were not completed due to which load shedding was taking place but We are making arrangements.

He said that the energy crisis will definitely come in the coming months, the process of energy production and transmission has resumed and all these things are being overcome and plans will be put in place in the coming months. By arranging, we will close the supply and demand gap.



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