How a diver saved the life of a whale on his birthday

How a diver saved the life of a whale on

On her birthday, a Spanish diver and marine biologist rescued a tangled whale, which she called the perfect birthday present.

Gaigi Torres, a 32-year-old aquatic biologist, rescued a trapped whale that was certain to die. It was a 12 meter long humpback wheel entangled in a large plastic net.

The mute whale was spotted near Balearic Island in Mallorca, Spain, with thick blue plastic wires visible on its back. After much hard work, Gaigi, along with her partner, rescued Whale from this predicament and called it the most memorable occasion of her birthday.

When the whale was first seen entangled in the net about five kilometers off shore, it was already very weak and was swimming slowly. Seeing this, the staff of the Pama de Mallorca aquarium decided to rescue him immediately. By the time he and his companion swam to her, the whale was completely trapped, and she was unable to open her mouth.

Extra personnel were called in to cut the net, and after 45 minutes of continuous effort, the whale was rescued from the painful clutches. Gaige said that for the first ten seconds she was very upset because there were bubble bubbles everywhere and she thought maybe the wheel was calling for help. At first he loved the whale and assured help which calmed the whale.

When the ropes of the net were cut, at one point the whale itself shook and freed itself. But the experts started cutting the net from behind instead of the mouth. After being released from the trap, the whale left.

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