Tuesday, August 9, 2022

How Do Dolphins Treat Themselves?

Science has shown that coral reefs, which stretch for miles in the ocean, serve as a hospital for some animals. Dolphins, especially those suffering from skin diseases, come here and rub themselves and return after recovery.

For skin infections and itching we go to the doctor or apply some ointment but in case of skin itching or any other disease dolphins turn to coral reefs and coral reefs. There she rubs her body from nose to tail and thus she recovers.

The study was conducted by Angela Zeltner of the University of Zurich and is published in the journal Eye Science. According to him, there may be some feature in the coral reefs or the insects present there have the ability to cure the disease quickly. Had not passed She found out the reason and found out that sick dolphins go to certain peanuts.

After landing at sea, they observed the dolphin and observed the process closely. Angela took samples of the dolphins and analyzed them in the laboratory.

In particular, Georgian Coral, Leather Coral, a special type of sponge, when analyzed by mass spectrometry, found a total of 17 components in all three that are bactericidal and antiviral, relieve inflammation and eliminate toxins. ۔ They also have hormonal and antioxidant properties.

Experts believe that the medicinal properties of the coral’s surface, when applied to dolphin skin, act as an ointment to cure the disease, including the prevention of bacterial infections.

Interestingly, dolphins are more common around such coral reefs and corals serve as hospitals for them. Scientists say that the protection of special coral reefs is very important, otherwise the condition of dolphins could get worse if they get sick.



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