How to edit clips in Instagram Reels

How to edit clips in Instagram Reels

Previously, Instagram did not allow users to edit individual video clips in Reels. However, just as we grow and improve every day, so does Instagram. Thankfully, you can now edit clips in Reels. You can rearrange, trim, or delete a clip. Let’s check out how to edit clips on Instagram Reels on Android and iPhone.

How to rearrange clips in Instagram Reels

You must first enter edit mode to perform any editing tasks on an Instagram Reel clip. Here are the steps to enter edit mode and rearrange the clips:

first. Open the Instagram app on your phone.

2. Knock on + icon at top. Option Reel from the list.

3. Tap the Shutter icon to start recording a clip. Tap it again to stop recording. Similarly, record more clips and add text or music to your Story.

Pro Tip: You can create Stories up to 90 seconds long.

4. When done, tap Preview or the Next button.

5. You will see Edit Clips. Click it. You can now rearrange, trim, or delete an individual clip in your Story.

6. Knock on Reorder . Then, touch and hold the clip you want to move and drag it to a new location.

Pro tip: You can move clips without pressing the Rearrange button. Simply press and hold the clip until you see the delete (-) icon on the clip. Then, touch and move the clip to wherever you want to place it in your video.

7. Similarly, change the position of other clips according to your needs. Finally, tap Done to go to the edit screen.

How to cut clips in Instagram Reels

We are rarely able to shoot a video clip of the exact length we want. This is the place to cut or trim the video to the image as it helps to reduce the video length. Trimming the video also helps to remove the parts we don’t need in the video.

To trim a clip from your Instagram Story, follow these steps:

first. Follow steps 1-5 of the above method to capture your clip and enter edit mode.

2. When in edit mode, you will see the available clips. Tap the clip you want to trim.

3. Touch and hold the box on the left or right edge and drag the box inside to surround the part of the video you want to keep while trimming the rest.

Note: Sorry, currently you cannot split or cut from the middle.

4. Knock on All clips to go back and trim other clips in your Story.

How to delete clips from Instagram Reel

After shooting multiple video clips for your Story, if you feel some of them aren’t good, you can easily delete those clips and record new clips.

To remove a clip from the Reel, follow these steps:

first. Record clips for your reel and press Edit clips as you did in steps 1-5 of the method of rearranging the clips.

3. Then touch and hold any of the clips.

4. Click (-) Remove icon on the clip you want to delete. A confirmation pop-up will display. Knock on Discard.

Another way to delete a clip is to tap Reorder . You will automatically see (-) Remove on clips. Knock on Remove on the clip to delete it.

There is a third method as well. Just tap the clip and press Delete .

How to add more clips to your Instagram story

While editing individual video clips, if you want to include more clips, tap Add clips when you are in edit mode. Press the Capture button to start recording the clip. Similarly, you can create as many clips as you want. You can then rearrange, trim, or delete the clips as shown above.

How to edit a draft story on Instagram

You can edit a Draft Story just like you can edit a new Instagram Story. You can also trim, add multiple videos, rearrange or delete a clip from the Draft Reel.

first. Open the Instagram app.

2. Knock on (+) Add icon and choose Reel.

3. Knock on Gallery and Drafts . Here you will find your existing Reel drafts. Know how to use Draft Stories like a pro.

Pro Tip: Learn how to create Instagram Stories with photos.

4. Tap the draft to edit. Then hit Edit .

5. Knock on Edit clips to enter edit mode. You can change the position of clips, cut, delete, or add more clips to your Story.

1. How to fix the missing Edit Clips button in Instagram Reels?

If the Edit Clip button in Stories is missing, update the Instagram app and restart your phone. Next, try reinstalling the Instagram app.

2. How to edit Instagram Reel after posting?

You cannot edit a clip in a Reel or a Reel cover after you post it. You can only edit the Story’s caption, location, and people tagged.

3. Can you download Instagram Reels?

Yes, you can upload your own Stories to your phone’s gallery or save someone else’s Stories. Check out different methods to download Instagram Reels.

Edit clips in Instagram Reels Like a Pro

While Instagram offers basic features for editing clips in Reel, it still lacks advanced features. However, you can use third-party Story editing apps to create awesome Stories. After you create and publish a Story, know how to pin a Story to your Instagram profile.

Hope the above sharing can help you answer How to edit clips in Instagram Reels. Did you use any of the methods in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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