How to Install 2Verification Steps on Uber for Android

How to Install 2Verification Steps on Uber for Android

Uber provides additional security to its customers with the 2-Step Verification feature. The feature allows you and only you to be in control of when you log into your account. This is a convenient resource; You can easily set it up, turn it on and/or turn it off with just a few taps. There are 2 different ways to get the verification code: one is by SMS and the other is by generating the code from a security application, such as Duo Mobile Authenticator. So, read on to know how to configure 2-Check Uber for Android.

Set up two-step verification on your Uber for Android:

1. Open your Uber bill on your Android device.

2. Tap plus icon in the upper right corner.

3. to go Adjustment

4. Tap Security 2 Configure/enable step-by-step checks.

5. The Play 2-Step Verification Task.

6. Select Option configure now

7. Sign in to your Uber account Password, shoot the arrow

8. Select method Would like to receive a verification code from you.

9. Touch Follow

10) log in The code found on your Uber phone and press message

11. Follow the instructions given below. Beat Following when you are finished.

12. Tap concluded

Enable/Disable 2-Step Rotation Check Function:

It’s as easy as setting up the feature to get started. If step 2 is disabled in Verification (when previously configured), go to More > Settings > Disable Security, To turn it back on, just touch turn on

When the function is already configured, you log in, enter the code that Uber sends and select how you want to receive the verification code, very easy to activate it again with the same button/option where it was disabled.

Change delivery settings for verification codes:

To change how you receive your phone verification code for Uber, simply go to More > Configuration > Security > 2- Verification Steps > Edit

Security apps like Mobile Duo, Google Authenticator, and Authy, as recommended by Uber, will generate a 2FA code for your Uber. You do not need to enter your phone number to authenticate; Security applications such as those mentioned above take care of everything automatically.

Backup Methods

To get a backup code for verification on your Uber for Android, simply go to More > Settings > Security > 2 Verification Steps > View Backup Codes

The list of backup codes will be displayed just like when you started setting up two-step verification.

Each backup code can be used only once. A code would definitely work; Therefore, there is no way that any backup code will work and you will run out of backup codes to trust.

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