How To Know Who Visits My Instagram Profile

who looked into your instagram account

Who visits my Instagram is the question that many users of the application ask themselves when they register their profile for the first time and begin to increase their list of contacts. However, the truth is that there is no warning about these silent visits, but there are some methods that can give a clue about this data, such as through Instagram Stories or the frequency of «Like».

On the internet, services are flooded to know who visits or has visited your Instagram profile, however, do not fall for deception! This is information not disclosed by Facebook, therefore no one has access to it. You must be very careful since many of these supposed tools to discover who visits your profile are a hoax and can end up stealing your password.

Can you know who visits my Instagram profile?

The answer to whether there is a reliable method to know who has seen your profile is clear: no. There is no safe option that provides this information, and although there are some applications that promise this information, it is not reliable to provide data to third-party applications of dubious origin. By using “spy” applications we could be violating the privacy of our own account, which is not recommended at all.

Misleading applications to know who visits your Instagram profile

If for some reason you have downloaded any application that promises to give you information about “Who visits my Instagram”, be suspicious and uninstall it from your device as there are no reliable sources that provide this information. In addition, it is recommended that you change the passwords so that they cannot access your profile or you become a victim of some type of cyberfraud.

Some of the most popular deceptive applications, whose results are negative are:

  • Instacare: Although it was on the AppStore for a while, it was eventually discovered that its author was famous for creating malware programs.
  • Who Viewed Me on Instagram: in this case, the application has an aspect similar to that of Instagram, but with malicious intentions that endanger the confidentiality of the personal data of the users who download it
  • InstaAgent: is a website known for stealing user passwords, endangering the privacy of their data
  • Qmiran: it is one of the most attractive websites since it promises to offer numerous data about private photos of other users, or people who have been able to block you. However, it does not have good reviews.

Successful Methods that indicate the possibility that other users have accessed your profile

There are clues that can guide us about who is most interested in our publications, a reliable indicator that with a high probability they will have visited our profile. The most common practices are the following:

Post a story on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the functions most used by the followers of the application since it allows a publication to be broadcast in real time that will be available for 24 hours on the profile. One of the nice parts of this feature is that you only need to access the post and swipe up to see the list of people who have viewed it.

This check can give you an idea about which people who have seen your post, have probably accessed your profile.

Check the oldest likes

Another practice that can give us a clue about who may have visited the Instagram profile is the likes of old posts.

Generally, contacts tend to see the most recent posts, but when you receive a notification that someone has clicked on an old post, it is very likely that they have been reviewing your Instagram profile and therefore have reviewed all history up to now.

Remember that Instagram gives you the possibility to make your profile public or private, so that you can know that, at least, only your contacts will have access to your publications and more personal information. In any case, you can always resort to other alternative applications to Instagram if these conditions do not convince you too much.

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