How To Make Pumpkin Seed Milk At Home Quickly!


Pumpkin milk has a sweet, slightly fatty aroma that is not boring. It is the taste of pumpkin milk that attracts many people who love this nutritious milk. Learn how to make delicious pumpkin milk right now! Let’s find out right away one of these nutritious drinks!

Pumpkin milk ingredients

  • Pumpkin: 500g
  • Condensed milk: can
  • Fresh milk without sugar: 1 liter
  • Coconut milk: 500ml
  • Tools: blender, sieve, pot…

How to make delicious pumpkin milk

Pumpkin has long been known as a food containing many healthy nutrients and suitable for all ages. In addition to processing dishes such as soup, porridge, etc. Pumpkin is also very popular for making milk. Pumpkin milk has a fleshy, sweet taste, so try making this nutritious drink right away to take better care of yourself and your family’s health.

Process materials

Pumpkin: wash the squash briefly, then peel it cleanly and cut the squash into 4 equal parts, scrape the squash out with a spoon or knife and rinse with water. Then, cut the squash into squares or slices about 2-3 cm. When cut into small pieces, steaming will cook faster.

Steamed pumpkin

Before steaming, add a little salt to the water in the steamer and put the squash in the steamer. When the squash is soft, take it out and let it cool.

How to make pumpkin milk with a blender and without a blender

Using a blender

Next, you put the steamed squash into the blender, add condensed milk and coconut milk to the blender. When the mixture is smooth, add unsweetened fresh milk last. Don’t forget to filter this mixture through a sieve to make the pumpkin milk smooth.

No blender needed

After steaming, use a spoon to mash the pumpkin and filter it through a sieve to remove the papaya for smooth pumpkin milk. And turn for fresh milk, condensed milk, coconut milk to stir.

Cook pumpkin milk

The next step of making pumpkin milk is to put the pumpkin milk in a pot and heat it on the stove. When boiling, you should stir often so that the pumpkin milk does not burn or scorch the bottom of the pot. It is best to keep the heat on medium low.

What are the benefits of drinking pumpkin milk?

Pumpkin milk is rich in minerals that are good for the body such as phosphorus, iron, vitamin C… especially vitamin A. Pumpkin milk is good for the eyes, helps to keep eyes bright, strong bones and supports the absorption of food. skinny person.

You should drink pumpkin milk after lunch and at night before going to bed. This is the right time for people who want to gain weight. In addition, you can drink it in the morning in combination with breakfast every day.

How to store pumpkin milk?

Pumpkin milk should be stored in a sealed bottle, in the refrigerator, and you can only use it from 3 to 4 days after making.

To make delicious pumpkin milk, you should choose pumpkins with rough outer skin, firm hand, bright yellow pumpkin color. Especially the squash is very fragrant and flexible. Although old squash has a rich sweet taste, it loses its inherent aroma and fleshy taste.

How to make pumpkin milk at home is very simple, right? With these simple steps, you will immediately have a cup of sweet, fragrant milk to replenish energy for the whole family, stimulate the taste buds in meals and have good health to work and study.

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