How to quickly layer and group images in Google Docs

How to quickly layer and group images in Google Docs

Google Docs is primarily designed to be a word processor, one that takes a web-first approach. That means no desktop apps. Before long, Google started adding other features like the ability to add and edit images, draw and sign documents, etc. Image editors have come a long way since then and can be used to do some editing if you know where to look and what to do. One such trick is to layer and group images in Google Docs. Friend. no more using third-party apps.

How to layer and group images in Google Docs

You can use this method to not only overlap images, but also text. This process is called overlay and although there is no direct way to achieve it, there are some workarounds. Here’s how to do it.

Layer Image in Google Docs With Google Drawings

first. Open a Google Docs document and select Insert > Drawing > New.

2. The drawing tool will open in the pop-up menu because it’s built into Documents now. Select the image icon to add the base layer image on top of which you want to add another image or text.

3. Another pop-up will open where you will have many options to open the image. Google Drive, local drive, etc. Just find the image and open it in the Drawings app.

4. You can now add or stack another image on top of the first image or add text. To add an image, follow the same steps. To add text, click Text box firstly.

6. Similarly, you can add one image on top of another and edit it however you like. When you are satisfied with the end result, click Save and Close to add it to a Google Docs document.

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Layer images in Google Docs using wrapping text

Okay, so why do we need this method if Drawing works fine? The reason is that with wrap text, you can quickly change the overlay image on the fly. Although Drawings are more useful if you want to overlay text or need more control over layers. But it also takes a lot of time. This is faster.

first. Open the document in Google Docs and click Image > Insert and select the image you want to add. It doesn’t matter if the image is supposed to be in the foreground or the background.

2. Repeat the same steps and add the second image now that you want to overlay on top of the first image. By default, Docs will place these images below the other instead of placing one image above the other, like that.

3. Now select the first image you added and in the toolbar that pops up click the three dot menu icon to select All image options.

4. The Image options will appear in the sidebar. Option Wrap text and then just below the image, set the margin from the dropdown to 0mm (zero).

5. Repeat the same steps for the second image that you want to layer on top of the first image. Select the Wrap text option and set the same margin value.

Note: If the position of the text in the document is moving around, select Fix position on page of the Move with text in the drop-down menu right next to where you set the margin. You can check in the screenshot above.

6. Now all you have to do is drag one image on top of the other and place it however you want. It’s easy to layer one image on top of another using this trick.

Finish: Layer and group images in Google Docs

The first method takes more time but offers more control and flexibility. Also, you can use it to add text and format it. The latter is faster and easier to use but works best for images. Also, since it’s working outside of the Google Drawings app, it provides much less control over image positioning. Google Drawings, although limited, still offers some features compared to what we have seen later.

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