How to reduce eye strain when using a computer with simple steps

Working long hours on a computer can be fun, but if your job involves a lot of interaction with a computer screen, chances are that you will experience eye strain, wet eyes, and even headaches. I had a similar situation recently when I had to work 8-10 hours in front of a computer screen and when not using my laptop, I used my tablet to surf the web. And I have noticed these symptoms for myself.

If you are used to computers or even mobile devices a lot then read along and keep your eyes safe. After surfing the web I have tried several things, some of them work not so well like buying new computer glasses or a new monitor which may not be an option for most of us, (See update below). below) In this article I will list most effective techniques that have been advised to me by my doctor and provide better Computer Eye Strain Solutions.

Reduce eye strain when using a computer

1. Adjust your computer so that its top is at your eye level and the screen distance should be 20-30 inches from your eyes to reduce eye strain while working.

2. If you are planning to work longer hours prefer a desk over a bed.

3. Take a break and drink plenty of water. Unlike others, I don’t like to leave a glass of water on the table but instead go to the kitchen every time I have to drink. This way, you can rest a bit and relieve neck strain and perform Eye Stretching Exercises by moving your eyes in all directions.

4. Computer Eye strain Caused by too high or too low amount of light coming from the screen. Therefore, adjust your screen brightness to match the ambient light. In daylight, keep the brightness high and low if you use it at night, it is important that your eyes should not focus much on the computer screen. Always prefer a bright room with natural sunlight. In my office, I have both windows and light bulbs to get enough light.

5. If you must use your laptop in a dimly lit place, use a USB desk lamp. For tablets and mobile devices use applications such as articles to reduce the brightness compared to the default web browsing at night.

6. Use Ctrl+ + to increase font size for browsing for Anti-Strain Calculator.

7. Convert your video to audio and then listen to it in your Mp3 Player. If you are like me watching YouTube videos all the time then this is definitely workable for you too. I have found many videos that just present slides or people talking while no activity is being performed on the screen.

8. Theo 20-20-20 rules. i.e. while you are working on your computer, take a break every 20 minutes and look at some object 20 meters away for 20 seconds. You’ll need to keep this in mind at first, I used to write 20-20-20 on a sticky note and put it in front of my computer screen. Gradually you will form a habit for it.

Watch this video on How to reduce eye strain when using a computer

If you still have wet or red eyes that you think may be due to the computer, leave work immediately and consult a doctor as soon as possible. No job is more important than your eyes.

Buy computer glasses to reduce eye strain

If you are wondering what those are and do computer glasses really work. Well, the answer is this is Special Glass for Computer Glare Reduction, which works by filtering harmful rays from computer screen, thus Reducing eye strain. However these glasses cost more than normal pairs, but you will feel the difference and remember that health is more important than money. For more on Anti-Strain Computer Glasses, check out this article from Lifehacker.

After having Eyestrain & Headaches For a long time, I decided to see a doctor for Computer Eye Strain Treatment. And after some tests and tests, I know that sitting too much in front of the computer screen has taken a serious toll on my eyes. My eyesight is nearsighted and now I have to wear glasses. Usually people get a drink at an early or late age but I got it when I was 22 which is a very rare thing.

Hope you enjoyed this article and can know more How to reduce eye strain when using computer with simple steps. If I missed something, share your views in the comments section below. Registration for newsletter for some cool tips and tricks.

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