How to send WhatsApp messages without saving contacts

How to send WhatsApp messages without saving contacts

WhatsApp is one of the most popular Messaging apps, you can chat, share media, location and documents instantly. With all these features, WhatsApp would be a perfect app but it has a bit of a flaw in its armor. You cannot send WhatsApp messages to strangers without saving their contact number first. I understand it’s a security feature to prevent spamming but if you’re like me who has to text electricians and plumbers on a regular basis and doesn’t want to save your contacts permanently, there is an easy solution. Let’s see how to send WhatsApp without saving contacts on both Android and iOS.

How it works?

WhatsApp provides an API to start a WhatsApp thread even if it is not saved in your contacts. This method works but you must first open a web browser, enter the URL, add a number to the end of the URL and then press go. This page will prompt the WhatsApp app to open. This is a simple method but you still have to go through a few steps to do it. We were able to automate these steps into a single tap using Siri Shortcuts on iOS and Firefox Browser on Android.

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1. Send WhatsApp without saving contacts on iPhone

Siri Shortcuts is a great addition to iOS and it helps you automate long and repetitive tasks. You can create your own shortcuts or download shortcuts created by other users. We will use Siri Shortcut to send WhatsApp without saving Contact.

First, you have to install the shortcut on the Siri Shortcuts app. You can click this link to install shortcuts on your iPhone. If you don’t live in the US, just change the country code in Shortcuts as shown in the image below. Go to the Shortcuts app and tap the options button on WhatsApp Themes. Change Country code in the text section.

You can invoke the shortcut in many ways, you can tap the shortcut in the app, add it to the home screen, or ask Siri to do it for you.

To add Shortcuts to your Home screen, go to Shortcuts app, Tap the option button (three dots) on Shortcuts and press ‘Share‘. Option ‘Add to Home Screen‘ and you’re done.

Siri can run shortcuts for you to make the process completely autonomous. You don’t even have to press a button and just use your voice to call up Siri.

To add Siri commands, go to the Siri Shortcuts app and tap three dots. Touch control center at the top right and select ‘Add to Siri’.

The phrase can be anything you want, hit the record buttonsay the phrase and Tap Done. Your shortcut is now ready and you can run it with Siri.

To see it in action, call up Siri, Say the phrase to run the Shortcut, Enter the number and start messaging on the WhatsApp thread.

2. Send WhatsApp without saving our contact number on Android

There are more options to send WhatsApp without saving a contact and you can certainly use an app for that. I don’t like these apps because of the unnecessary bulkiness and anyway I can do it with just a mobile browser. This method only requires a bit of Javascript.

You can write a small program in javascript that prompts your web browser to enter a number and then parses the digits through the API to start the string. Either download the HTML file I created by clicking here Google Drive link or use this Mirror link.

Once the web page loads, extract the HTML file and open it with Firefox.

Go to your Android Phone and open the file with Mozilla Firefox. The page works in all browsers, but only Firefox allows you to add shortcuts to the Home screen. The prompt will ask you to enter the number, cancel it and tap the options button at the top right and bookmark the page.

Your bookmark has been created. Now go back to the bookmarks folder and long press on the bookmark you just created to bring up a dialog box. Clap Edit and rename the Bookmark here.

Press and hold the bookmark again and select ‘Add Page shortcut‘. This will create a shortcut to your Home screen. Place it anywhere on the Home screen.

To send WhatsApp, tap the shortcut on the home screen and enter the number. That’s it, now you can WhatsApp anyone without saving their contact number on your Phone.

While entering contact details make sure to add the country code (without the + sign) before the contact number.

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Send WhatsApp messages without saving contacts

Here are two ways to Send WhatsApp without saving the contact number on your phone. Siri Shortcuts is definitely the best method to do it on iPhone. Android has many apps for WhatsApp sending but I really like this method as it is one tap and doesn’t involve any app settings. Which method do you prefer? Tell us in the comments below.

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