How To Use Add To Card Feature On Whatsapp?


WhatsApp has introduced a new ‘Add to Cart’ button on the app, which is going to improve the shopping experience on the instant messaging platform. Recently the Facebook-owned company introduced ‘Shopping Button’ in the app, through which users can easily browse the catalogs of the business on the platform and place their order. At the same time, through the ‘Cart’ feature, WhatsApp has gone a step further to improve the shopping experience on the platform. In this facility, users can view different products, place their order by making an order in the card and also make payment for the order through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp ‘s latest update ‘Add to Cart’ button has been added, through which users can browse WhatsApp Business Account Catalogs on the app. Through this new button, users can add multiple items from a merchant to a cart and share their order with the merchant.

Add to Card feature on WhatsApp.

Constant efforts are being made to update the smartphone found in the smartphone. WhatsApp has now been updated in this episode. Because now another thing has been added on this Message Platform which will be very convenient for its users. This has been taken one step further by adding the Add To Cart button in WhatsApp.

How to shop on WhatsApp

This simply means that now you can also enjoy shopping using WhatsApp. Through this, it will be easy to browse WhatsApp Business Account on the app and you can also order many items from this single cart.

How to add items to Cart on WhatsApp and shop.

This will work the same way you do on any other Online Shopping Site. You can do shopping after browsing the Business Account. First add whatever you like to the cart and then if you want to remove some of them, it is also possible. For this, click on the new icon. And check your ready list. If you want to remove something from this list, you can.

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