Thursday, August 18, 2022

Hunza’s Anita Karim defeated her Australian rival in the international competition

Pakistan’s first mixed martial arts fighter Anita Karim defeated her Australian rival in an international competition.

In a match played under the Fair Tax Fair Promotion at the Lampini Stadium in Bangkok, Anita defeated Euin Ha of Australia and was unanimously declared the winner of the match.

The fighter from Hunza defeated his opponent in all three rounds of the bandwidth fight and his brother informed everyone about his feat through an update on social media.

Anita Karim from #GilgitBaltistan #Pakistan won her match, in a spectacular fashion, against Australia’s Uyen Ha in Bangkok.A feather in the hat of PAK’s first female professional #MMA [email protected] @ARYSports_Web .com / ksnTQQ1eNV

– Ehtisham Karim Shaheen (ightFightFortress) June 11, 2022



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