Hurriyat will launch a worldwide movement for the release of the leader, Chaudhry Sarwar

Hurriyat will launch a worldwide movement for the release of

Former Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar has said that Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik will launch a worldwide movement for his release. Even after its formation, it massacred Muslims and there is no precedent for the inhumane act of India. I would request the OIC and all forums to take notice of this move.

He said that human rights were being violated by India in occupied Kashmir and children were being killed by India in occupied Kashmir. In occupied Kashmir, women are being raped by Indian forces and Modi has made India a hell for minorities.

Referring to the release of Hurriyet leader Yasin Malik, Chaudhry Sarwar said that Yasin had approached members of the British House of Lords for the release of Malik and would also raise his voice in international human rights bodies and the International Court of Justice. ۔

He said that the release of Yasin Malik was above politics and the nation was united like a rock on Kashmir issue. Yassin Malik is Nelson Mandela of the subcontinent because a freedom fighter can never be a terrorist. Speaking on the occasion, Mashaal Malik said that the Indian court had passed a verdict on the grounds of baseless allegations against Yasin Malik. Yasin Malik said that he would fight his own case and false evidence was presented against Yasin Malik in the Indian court.

He said that Yasin Malik was brave and was active in the peaceful struggle for independence. Yasin Malik is in danger of being killed and Yasin Malik has been kept in death cell. He is not even given the right to contact his family. Yasin Malik told the court that he would not beg for his life.

Mashaal Malik said that Yasin Malik had learned about the peaceful movement and at the behest of the western world, Yasin Malik had laid down his arms and carried out peaceful political struggle. If anything happens to Yasin Malik, Kashmiris will lose faith in the world. Syed Ali Gilani’s grave has also been kept in jail.

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