Tuesday, August 9, 2022

I am against thieves not institutions, Imran Khan addressed the parade ground meeting

PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he wanted to send a message to all the institutions to see where the nation stands and what it wants. The people are sending a message to the institutions to save the country from these thieves.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan while addressing a protest rally against inflation at Parade Ground said that the nation will never accept these dacoits, I did not go out to fight against the institutions of my country but against the imported government. ۔

The people’s elected government was removed and the country’s big bandits were imposed.

He said that the elected government of 22 crore people has been removed and the big dacoits of the country have been imposed.

Imran Khan said that today people from all over the country have come out and the same slogan of all imported government is unacceptable. Even if you want to, you will not be able to stop.

The former prime minister said that he decided not to hold a sit-in because his death was in Pakistan. The police did injustice but it is certain that not all the police are like that.

He said that now they are taking NRO II again, Asif Zardari is also out of the country, his assets are out, when the value of rupee falls, his wealth increases and when the country goes down, he has no It doesn’t matter, Zardari went to Dubai 50 times and Nawaz Sharif went to London 22 times at the government’s expense.

Imran Khan said that Asif Ali Zardari had sent a message to the US through Hussain Haqqani to save him from the army and when Nawaz Sharif went to India, he did not meet the Tahrir leaders so he did not meet the Kashmiri leaders so as not to upset Modi.

One says we are beggars and the other says we are on the toilet.

The former prime minister said that today our leaders say we are beggars so we are enslaving America. Another says we are on vanity letter so we are enslaving America. Pakistan was made beggars by these two families who ruled for 30 years.

He said that if the Prime Minister extends his hand in front of others then he humiliates the whole nation. I want my nation to be independent and stand on its own feet and not extend its hand in front of any country.

Imran Khan said that the government has cut FIRs against all of us, Imran Riaz, Sabir Shakir, Arshad Sharif, Sami Ibrahim are being prosecuted. These are the people who use their voice and pen for this country. Are

He said that in the hereafter there will be many questions and Allah will also ask the neutrals how these thieves were allowed to impose on the nation. Today small thieves are in jails and big thieves are imposed on us.



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