Monday, August 15, 2022

I will announce the date of protest in a few days: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan has once again announced that he will call for a protest soon, we will hold the biggest protest in history, everyone be prepared.

Addressing a meeting of PTI National Council in Islamabad, the former prime minister said that we had to hold elections in the party on fast track, this is not the election we wanted, these elections were held under duress, yet our party Opposition is better than the opposition in the National Assembly led by Raja Riaz.

Chairman PTI said that when the party was formed 26 years ago, it was formed thinking that this party will become an ideal institution, this party will become a political party different from other parties, there are no political parties in Pakistan, there are family parties. ۔

He said that due to this family politics our democracy has not developed, there is no merit in the political parties in our country, feudal system is prevalent in the name of democracy.

Imran Khan said that during the last 60 years in the country, half of the time was military rule while half of the time was ruled by 2 families, our government had only 3 and a half years on which he made so much noise that the country was devastated. In fact, this catastrophe was theirs.

The former prime minister said that the party would become an institution only after holding the best elections in the party through which good people would come to the fore on merit.

He said that in this regard we did 2 experiments, one experiment before the 2013 elections in which we had a lot of difficulties, because there was no precedent of elections within the parties in the country, then we did another experiment and the whole election. He made cell, allocated big funds, tried to hold elections through mobile phone but unfortunately the system could not be formed.

He said that our effort is to bring democracy in the party by holding elections on merit. In democracy there is merit, not in monarchy, for that we have to carry out electoral reforms.

“Our women members have done a great job. Whether it is the Punjab Assembly or the way they faced shelling in D-Chowk, it is unprecedented in the country. I would like to pay tribute to them,” she said. ۔

“Women are highly respected in our society but it is a pity that the way the police and rangers shelled women in this government, I could not have imagined, the attitude of the police, the way they visited people’s homes,” she said. I entered, fear was spread, that attitude I have not seen in any era except martial law.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that when our government was overthrown, the way people came out of their homes for peaceful protests, I have never seen in the country, the rulers were frightened to see the peaceful protests of the people.



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