I Will Decide On The Long March Between May 25-29: Imran Khan

I will decide on the long march between May 25 29

Former Prime Minister and Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has reiterated his call for immediate elections in the country, saying that no soldier who feared death has ever won a major medal. I am afraid he can never get big medals, humiliation and fear of losing his job makes a big man small.

Addressing the party’s power show in Multan, the former prime minister said that no player who is afraid can become a great cricketer, no businessman who is afraid of loss can become a big businessman.

He said that the corrupt people who took power tried hard to get NRO from me. When I refused to give NRO, a conspiracy was hatched against our government.

The former prime minister said, “I was told that your life is in danger. Put on bulletproof glass. The nation is created only by breaking the idol of fear. No soldier who is afraid of death has ever won big medals. I am afraid he can never get big medals, humiliation and fear of losing his job makes a big man small.

He said that these corrupt people tried hard to blackmail me, my Pakistanis, tell me if I would give them NRO.

He said that this is a cowardly government which is so scared of raising the price of petrol and diesel that they should call a meeting of the National Security Committee to raise the price of petrol so that the reaction to the increase in prices falls on the army. How is this government?

He said that these corrupt rulers conspired against us and the US joined them, the people of US embassy started meeting with our people, on March 8, a US official threatened our ambassador that if Imran Khan If mistrust is not defeated then hard times will come upon Pakistan and if Imran Khan is removed then Pakistan will be forgiven.

The former prime minister said that we are an independent nation, we do not need their pardon but the elites of this country were scared by the American threat and removed the elected prime minister of 220 million under a conspiracy. His grave has been dug, now the party should say goodbye.

Imran Khan said that in the Qur’an Allah says that one plan is made by man, another plan is made by Allah, only the plan succeeds, my plan of Allah was something else, he tried to bury our party but this Woke up my whole nation.

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