Ianime: Free Animes And Mangas Streaming Site In Vf And Vostfr


Ianime Streaming: If you are an anime lover you are probably familiar with the ianime streaming site. Victim of multiple closures, we will see that it is its new official address, its alternatives and then we will also establish a detailed notice on the site.

You may have noticed the regular changes of address of the Ianime site. The site must change address regularly for obvious reasons related to the copyright on the animated films that are broadcast there.

Ianime does not have the licenses and rights to distribute the animated films on the site for free, so the authorities regularly make it inaccessible. As a reminder, streaming or downloading of protected work is prohibited and we do not encourage you to practice it through this article.

What is the official address of the Ianime website?

Ianime therefore went through several addresses including ianime co or ianimes top. The site has changed address again after the closure of the previous two.

Ianime is now accessible from his address ianimes org


Why use a VPN on Ianime?

Since its multiple closures for copyright reasons, the Ianime site has been monitored by the authorities. By going to Ianime, your IP address is exposed and can be communicated on request by your internet service provider to internet rights regulatory authorities such as Hadopi.

This is how some of you have already received letters of warning or sanctions (fines) from Hadopi regarding illegal streaming or downloading.

Using a VPN allows you to hide your IP address and therefore your personal information such as your name, first name, address and phone. You will browse completely anonymously and will be able to enjoy all the content without risk.

The anime available on Ianime:

Ianime references most Japanese anime, including the most famous and popular: Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia and Yu Gi Oh! There are also all the other famous anime listed below:

  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
  • Food Wars Shokugeki no Sôma
  • Black clover
  • Fairy tail
  • Detective Conan
  • Boruto
  • Hunter x hunter
  • Kuroko No Basket
  • Eyeshield 21
  • Gintama
  • Avatar The Legend of Korra
  • High School DxD
  • Full Metal Alchemist Brutherhood
  • Prince of tennis
  • Toriko
  • Overlord
  • Code geass
  • The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Etc

In other words, the majority of anime are available for free streaming and this is what has earned the site its popularity. Most of them are available in VF or VOSTFR and we find each of the episodes of each season.

Our opinion on the Ianimes org website:

In general, the Ianime site is rather interesting for anime lovers since it allows you to watch a large number of anime and manga for free.

Ianimes org is a streaming site specializing in anime, but it also shows a large number of popular movies, series or manga. We note for example the following categories: Animation, Drama, Horror, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Thriller, Crime, Romance, Espionage, War, Fighting, Musical and Hentai for the major public.

The site also highlights the 30 best Japanese anime as well as a schedule for broadcasting upcoming episodes day by day.

Overall our opinion on Ianime is positive even if the advertising is far too present and polluting for the user for our taste, to the point where it is sometimes difficult to watch an animated one on the site.

iAnime streaming site for your free anime in French

Did you know that children are far from the only comic book fans? And yet, it is. Many adults love to spend time on interesting episodes of Naruto for example and in particular several other Mangas.

If you are one of them, this streaming site is all you need to satisfy your discovery needs. In fact, you are not likely to miss any news on the IAnime streaming site. The novelties of the animated universe are updated there at every moment and their classification could even impress you. Suddenly, some non-fans came out fans.

However, this anime streaming site can sometimes suffer from a few hiccups. Anyway, in this article we tell you all about IAnime. We will present it to you so that you can get a realistic overview.

How does the IAnime streaming site work?

The prerequisite to answer your question is to go to the site itself. Once you are there, you will notice without any research necessary, various proposals of videos available. So, from top to bottom, you can scroll your cursor to choose the comic that suits you best.

IAnime is a site that indexes links to animated videos, from the most popular to the most recent. Through a rather simple and relevant classification, it will be easier for you to find the animated ones that are important to you. Above all, it should be noted that you have the privilege of streaming them without paying any fees. You can already test the Top 30 selection that Ianime offers on its site, next to its new products.

The panoply of sections that exist on the site will convince you that Animime is a complete site in terms of streaming videos. Indeed, apart from the welcome which gives you a general overview, this site is full of interesting sections. These are mainly Movies and Series. For each of these sections, you can choose the desired subcategory: Science-fiction, fantasy, adventure, drama, horror, action, combat, etc.

Further on, the ”Contact” section offers you to receive any assistance you need while you are viewing your animation. Therefore, if you need help, just click on this topic. After which, you will have to fill in a small form with your identity then your concern detailed in message.

There is also the Manga section for exclusively Manga oriented videos. Then, if you feel an urge to make a donation or to form a partnership with Ianime, it remains quite possible and easy thanks to the visible sections which are devoted to it.

In addition, the option “Request a manga” is made available to allow users of this site to request the rest of a series, for example. Are you interested in this option? You can make use of it on the IAnime streaming site. You just have to fill in the title of the Manga you are requesting as well as its language. The site team then takes care of studying your request before responding to it by adding or rejecting the video (s) requested.

The strengths of iAnime

  • Free viewing Unlimited: you don’t need to purchase any paid subscription before watching your movies and animated series. Any visitor can decide to watch unlimited movies on the IAnime streaming site.
  • A remarkable design: it shows as soon as you are on the site. The aesthetics are in good shape with harmonized and sparkling colors on the writings that accompany each video. The wallpaper sufficiently sets the scene for the site with an animated image. The interface of I-animes co is responsive, that is to say that you will be able to view your comics as much on a computer as on a laptop.
  • Relevant ranking: your videos are ranked by theme and by order of popularity or novelty. What could be more interesting to make it easier for you to visualize! You don’t necessarily need to like manga before you find your way around. All it takes is a little love for comics. And whenever you click on a new video, you have the option to take read its available synopsis.
  • Good quality of videos: the videos available on I-animes co have all been indexed, therefore taken from public platforms such as YouTube, Openload, Rutube, Google video, etc. Therefore, the videos you are going to watch are of higher quality. In complete safety, you will find mostly formats made in HD 4K.
  • Language accessibility: no more worrying about the languages ​​in which you will watch your videos. I-animes co offers original versions and subtitles in French.
  • Possibility to rate the service: once you manage to view your favorite anime, the particularity with I-animes co is that you can leave your appreciation by clicking on ” Like ” for example.
  • Optional registration with advantages : it is not necessary to create an account to register. But when you do it on this site, you have access to its discussion board. Which forum will allow you to share your passions and concerns with other people.
  • Film schedule: the other advantage with this site is its forecasts for upcoming films. With this quality, you will therefore be able to schedule yourself for specific dates.

iAnime’s weaknesses

Frequent site-under advertisements: the main drawback of this dynamic site is the frequency of redirection of its pages. As you will have noticed, each time you click on a video or an IAnime section, you are faced with the opening of several tabs at the same time. It can become irritating to start closing several parasitic tabs before you can finally view the videos of your selection.

The iAnimes streaming site and advertisements 

This streaming site would have stood out from the crowd entirely if the ads didn’t cloud the user experience. In other words, the site-unders seen when you click on the videos to view are already types of ads. As proof, when other tabs open, the loading of these pages presents you with promotional and advertising information. It turns out that I-animes is not an ad-free streaming site. But the administrators have to pay themselves so no problem with that.

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